Town of West Hartford DPW

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  • 1145-1149 New Britain Avenue West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Road quality is very poor. Un-even road that can be dangerous for 2 cars wide.
  • 1-2park Rd And Quaker Ln South West Hartford, CT 06119 - West Hartford
    Pedestrians may not safely use crosswalks to cross this intersection. Days since the last storm and entering another storm cycle, 3 of 4 crossings here are completely blocked by snow banks as high as 2-3 feet. Sidewalks are clear but do not give access to the street and intersection.
  • Pleasant Street West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Street Light Out since
    October 30th.
  • Intersection Of Fern And Trout Brook West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford
    No left turn signal for southbound traffic on Trout Brook -
  • 932 Farmington Ave West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    The traffic light on Raymond Rd (which is perpendicular to Farmington Ave and is VERY close to the crosswalk) turns green when the crosswalk light on Farmington Ave turns green to walk and people zooming around the corner from Raymond Rd have no idea that the crosswalk light has turned green. This is a collision with a pedestran and a vehicle waiting to happen.
  • 114 Haynes Road West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    A lot of potholes that need repairs
  • 1275-1287 N Main St West Hartford, CT 06117, USA - West Hartford
    People heading to west hartford do not realize the right lane ends. The town needs a sign or paint arrows on the road. This is very dangerous.
  • 448 South Main St West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    the white traffic lines need to be re-painted on south main st between new britain ave and the entrance to 84 east. cars consistently drive down the middle of two lanes.
  • 173 Somerset St West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Deep new hole.
  • Prospect And Fern Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Heading Southbound on Prospect, the left green light is burned out. This is the intersection next to Mayor Segarra's residence. Photo taken last night.
  • 1-17 Valley Crest Dr West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    When I-84 gets backed up due to an accident, people attempt to find a shortcut and enter the neighborhood. Heavy traffic and speeding of motorists realizing that all of the streets here (Shadow, Bramley and ValleyCrest) do not connect to any other roads except New Britain Ave. The neighborhood is a quiet one with many kids who play outside.
  • Intersection Of Asylum Avenue And North Quaker Lane West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    cars must pull out onto Asylum Avenue beyond stop bar to see traffic heading east on Asylum due to limited visibility by bushes and shrubs - Frequent Accidents at this location. This should be made into a four way stop or traffic lights should be installed.