Bethany First Selectman Gorski

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  • 151 Bear Hill Rd Bethany, Connecticut - Bethany
    Sammy disappeared from Bear Hill Rd in Bethany CT on 7-14-16. She is a large Maine Coon cat, mostly gray, big bushy tail & black stripe down her back. Bright green eyes & pink nose. She has a small slit in her right ear. Any information or sightings please email or call at 203 668 4229
  • Test Open
    48 Brookwood Rd Bethany Ct New York, New York - Bethany
  • Crestwood Rd Bethany, Connecticut - Bethany
    Dog now with District Animal Control in Woodbridge
  • Fairwood - Bethany
    Fallen tree in roadway for 2 weeks
  • 12 Keegan Dr Bethany, CT, 06524, USA - Bethany
    Bear Hill Road between Keegan and Poplar Swamp Rd. There are huge pot holes on the majority of this road section. Needs to be paved badly. Trucks drive over the potholes each morning. The sound is tremendous. Can be heard inside the house. First chance you get please try to fix. Thank you!
  • 116 Old Amity Road bethany, CT - Bethany
    10 yr old male neutered orange tabby cat Home Again microchip: 486C071669
  • 327 Litchfield Tpke Bethany, CT - Bethany
    No power.
  • 20 Falcon Ln Bethany, CT 06524, USA - Bethany
    There is major damage to the street at the intersection of Falcon Ln. and Crestwood, where young children get off the bus everyday and are tripping and falling on the open asphalt holes. Also, there is a huge hole at the top of the street at 20 Falcon Lane that has resulted from the runoff water coming down the street, because the curb or burr has not been maintained properly.....children are playing near this and falling near and into it....
  • Veteran'S Memorial Park bethany, Connecticut - Bethany
    apparently some-one decided that reg garbage cans are no longer needed at the park. there is just i large dumpster- away from the picnic tables and beach area. There is, however, 2 large plastic garbage bags that our brimming with waste, on the ground (after the Life Guard shack) and I can't pick them up and drag them to the dumpster area.
    I would hate to see the contents spill over and make MORE of a mess. I have reported this to the Town Hall x2.
    Hoping this will have some closure. BTW, would 1 can on wheels be a problem?
  • 238–298 Fairwood Rd Bethany 06524, United States - Bethany
    There are many areas of Fairwood Rd that are rough or have potholes. Bikes swerve into the center of the road and surprise people driving behind them, making it dangerous for both the riders and drivers. Please repair.
  • Unknown Bethany, CT - Bethany
    Lost 03/05/2013, 1 year old. Black Lab, 40-75lbs. REWARD if Found Call 203.982.0846
  • 44-94 Peck Rd Bethany, Connecticut - Bethany
    crazy big potholes