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  • 30–98 Scott St Cambridge 02138, United States - Agassiz-Harvard

    So I submitted your request a while ago, but there is none of signage on the counter flow turn onto Scott St. The response was that it was signage that, but as I pointed out the request the cars coming from scott and Beacon in both directions have no awareness.

    The one sign you have only tells cyclist that they can go down Scott Street there is no awareness for cars, especially cars coming out of Scott and turning left onto Beacon who have no idea that place you’re coming straight across to the counter flow which looks like a parking line at best

    You’re setting up collision points that don’t have to be there, add better sign

    I got honked at by an suv coming out to Scott st tonight and had I not yielded to him turning left when I had the right away he would’ve hit me

  • Dana Park McTernan Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States of America - Cambridgeport
    Climbing net is coming apart and unsafe as kids feet slip through - needs to be sewn up
  • SPACE SAVER Archived
    117-119 Spring St Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    in what comes as no surprise to anyone, space savers are once again rampant in east Cambridge. No one respects this law, because it is nearly completely unenforced. when it is enforced, it is FAR TOO LATE, these space savers MUST be removed immediately following a snow storm. When the city waits a week or more, the damage is done. Space savers remove parking throughout the area for hours of the day. It is unnecessary and litters the street with TRASH. My hope is that someday, Cambridge will take this problem seriously instead of ignoring it each year. Complaints about Space savers are constant every year, yet nothing changes. There is trash in our street, which leads to rats and other vermin. Not to mention retaliation from neighbors as we see happen each year. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO SOMETHING.
  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The traffic pattern has apparently changed again and you can no longer turn left from the middle lane. There is a lightly spray painted arrow in the middle lane that gets blocked by the first 2 cars in the lane. Drivers still think you can go straight or turn left from the middle lane because there is no traffic sign to tell them it’s changed. Every day is a near accident because people are used to turning left from the middle lane. There needs to be better painted arrows on the road and clear signage to warn people. This is a brutal intersection
  • 36 Bay State Rd Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9

    We live in Bay State Road and we are very happy to see that the renovation work is almost finished. But there are a couple of issues:
    People are not respecting the 20 mph drive limit. They are taking this as an alternative to Concord Ave and we see and hear them go around 40 mph, accelerating greatly just after the Field St lot entrance (even when its a curve).

    This is an issue because THERE IS NO CROSSWALK at the intersection of Bay State and Birch St (between Field St and New St) which creates a makes for a dangerous combination. There are many people with little kids (and without) crossing at the level Bonny's Garden center to get to Imagine, to the Children's Village and of course to Bonny's. And when they get their flowers at Bonny's they have to cross back with their hands occupied, evading cars. Some cars reduce their speed when they see people trying to cross, but most of them don't and that is just an accident waiting to happen.

    What can we do about this, please?

    Traffic calming or an additional crosswalk at the intersection with Birch St and Bay State (or further down closer to the apartments at 42-50 Bay State Rd) should be options on the table. I won't even talk about the noisy Harley motorcycles at 6 am, but talking for all the people with kids it is worrying to see that this street is becoming a highway due to these high speed, infringing cars...

  • 85 Montgomery Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    I live at 91 Montgomery Street in N. Cambridge. The raised crosswalks that were recently installed don't look finished but seem to have been completed. They have extremely sharp edges that are dangerous to bicycles and cars. With my windows open, I hear cars bottoming out and scraping their tires against the sharp curb.
  • Day St And Mass Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge

    The crosswalk that crosses Mass Ave near the intersection of Mass Ave and Day St is extremely dangerous- I live in the immediate vicinity and many times have had to wave my arms and yell at oncoming cars trying to get one to stop (often to no avail) even when I am with my toddler. Too many times cars just speed by. I have even had cars speed by me while I am IN the road on the crosswalk (in the street, not on the median or sidewalk).

    Can this crosswalk PLEASE be enhanced to make it safer? Arlington has several crosswalks on Mass Ave where walkers can pick up orange "flags" from buckets at either side of the road to hold while crossing- perhaps something like this could help. Or a raised crosswalk or a flashing light, ANYTHING to reduce the chance of a pedestrian being harmed would be appreciated.

  • 267 Windsor St Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    I often come from Market St. onto Windsor and numerous times, I've had near accidents because of cars speeding on Windsor St. Can something be done to slow down cars on Windsor St.? It's difficult to see how quickly cars are coming on Windsor from Market St.
  • 138 Rindge Ave Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    new four-way stop signs have been posted but not visible as it’s an unusual area. I think it would be best to give notice as people are missing the stop sign without realizing it.
  • 149 Sherman St Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This intersection desperately needs a pedestrian crossing. Between the tracks and Rindge there are no crossings for pedestrians. With the large amount of car traffic during rush hour, it is difficult for families to cross the street to get from the school to the park and back. Also, a cross walk would help traffic quieting between Ridge and Garden as the vehicles tend to go quite fast.
  • 1400-1414 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Traffic coming from JFK St. and Mass Ave often meets at the same time despite both having traffic lights. It's unclear which road has right of way when this happens, crewing a dangerous situation (including for bikes merging across two lanes of Mass Ave). Maybe needs a yield sign or re-timed lights?
  • 441 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    The 2 dawn redwood trees in this photograph are located directly in front of the Main Library. These trees are iconic and greatly beloved. However, as can be evidenced in this photograph, these trees are looking highly stressed. Loving attention is urgently needed! Please feed these trees (deep-root fertilizaion would be good) and mulch them with a mulch/ compost/ mix. Time to bring these beloved beauties back to life!