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    27 Winter Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Resident called to report that recycling missed a small 20" computer monitor
  • Graffiti Archived
    1 Oakland Cambridge, Massachusetts - Wellington-Harrington
    Black graffiti on first commercial building on Oakland St appeared this morning
  • 5 Clinton Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    leaf blower being used on 6/22 at 7:45pm
  • 104-150 Us-3 Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - West Cambridge
  • 12 Linnaean St Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    You guys did our street and move the sign over here however the sign did not get put back up, and needs to be cleaned up and removed
  • 16 Oxford Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard
    This is more of a heads-up for Cambridge and Harvard police units. I've seen drivers on Oxford Street (near Harvard's Hoffman Laboratory) and on Mass Ave (at Garfield Street) totally ignore the flashing yellow pedestrian crossing lights. I don't know if the drivers don't stop to let pedestrians cross due to ignorance or intentional disregard. Regardless, it is a dangerous situation as pedestrians might enter the crosswalk and be hit by a car because they believe that the drivers see the flashing lights and know to stop for them. On Mass Ave, three pedestrians were half way across with the yellow lights flashing and the next two lanes of cars did not stop to let the pedestrians continue across the street to Garfield. One large truck finally stopped in the lane closest to the center line but the pedestrians were afraid to cross at that point because they didn't know whether cars in the other lane would stop or not. I don't know what can be done to increase driver education and driver compliance. Maybe if law enforcement units happen to be near these two pedestrian crosswalks, they can keep an eye out for drivers who don't stop for pedestrians that trigger the flashing lights. ???
  • 153-161 Clark Street Cambridge, MA - The Port
    Driver reports there is a One Way Sign down here at the intersection of Market & Clark St. This sign belongs on the Do Not Enter sign post.
  • 20 Lee Street Cambridge, MA - Mid-Cambridge

    I live on Lee St. and have become increasingly annoyed by the uneven sidewalks. In particular, there is one patch in front of 20 Lee St. where the bricks are very jagged. I'm someone who regularly wheels something down this street, and it always gets caught on this one brick and tips over. I would greatly appreciate if you would remove this one brick (circled in the first three pictures), if not flatten that whole part. Additionally, across the street at 15 Lee St. the bricked part of the walkway is very narrow, and also tricky for people who deal with wheels. (Fourth picture.)

    I know uneven bricks is the price we pay for having trees, and my top priority is keeping the trees, but I just wanted to draw your attention to this in hopes that it can be fixed. Thanks so much!
    -Sophie Crafts

  • 45 Whittemore Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Please prune tree in front of 45 Whittemore Ave. Owner of house was told by his insurance company that the tree is a liability.
  • 275 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    I live at 275 Walden St. and our property abuts the partk. There are a few trees there that lose branches every storm and overhang our parking lot quite a bit. Many branches have come down already and I am afraid others will come down. Luckily, none have hit our cars, but it is possible we will not be so lucky in the future. If at all possible to trim some of these trees back, it would be great. I would do it myself but I have no experience with this and I would possibly kill the trees doing it myself.
    thank you
  • 1 Frost Terrace Cambridge, MA - Agassiz-Harvard
  • 38-58 Walden Square Rd Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9