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  • 41 Fairfield St Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Across the years a number of homes have been gutted and reconstructed on this street without problems. This site is releasing a lot of white dust and debris into the air. We question if proper regulations are being followed in this setup of the chute into the dumpster as we have never seen so much waste and debris in the air. The workers are trying to place a tarp over the dumpster but lots of dust and debris is escaping into the air. The tarp is not fully sealed. All of the construction workers are wearing protective gear and masks and we are concerned about the safety of the chemicals and debris dust that are being released into the air. Is asbestos present? We have infants, toddlers, and children neighboring this property and are very concerned about the care of this debris and materials that are not only being released in the air but that are also stored in huge piles on this front yard. please investigate.
  • 582 Franklin St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Riverside
    Over a year ago a noisy device, previously located on a wooden pole at 590 Franklin St., was relocated at the request of the new owner. The new location, on a wooden light pole about 80 feet farther down the street, is near the house at 582 belonging to me and my wife Margot Kempers.
    Shocked by the noise of the fan-forced cooling we wrote Mark McGovern and he apparently forwarded my concern. Little happened but I did speak with installers from, I believe, Crown Castle, who told me they were replacing the old device, and that the newer one was quieter.
    We noted that the new one has four cooling fans, twice the number of the old one.
    While it is unclear if that device was ever quieter, it has become noisier and noisier until now it is having, in our opinion, an adverse environmental impact. It is very loud and runs whenever the temperatures get in the neighborhood of 50 degrees.
    It is outrageous that the city would add noise like this to a quiet residential street.
    We submit that no one in city government would put up with this in front of their own house.
    We find it hard to believe that other, quieter, cooling options are not available to whoever owns and maintains the devices.
    Please advise us as to the city’s stand about this, and as to any available remedies.
    Thank you,
    Fred Scholz
  • 1 Shepard St Cambridge Ma 02138 USA - Cambridge
    You guys updated the light so that now pedestrians are fighting left and right turning cars, before pedestrians had an exclusive light and the car also had exclusivity, now it's commingled, confusing and dangerous. This change was made about three months ago. Why?
  • 395-415 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    This intersection is SO dangerous! Gridlock in the morning and dangerous behavior by frustrated drivers is making this notorious intersection worse than ever. The light timing must be adjusted to prevent the west bound drivers on Mt. Auburn Street from causing gridlock on their approach toward Coolidge Ave. AND the left turn arrow onto Coolidge Ave must be longer to accomodate the Shady Hill school traffic (7:45 - 8:15), which is causing the gridlock.
  • 34 Fairfield St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    The construction site at 34 Fairfield Street currently has no electric power hook-up and supply.

    --> Please enforce that the home owner or general contractor SIGN UP FOR ELECTRIC SERVICE so that power tools can be plugged in instead of using a noisy generator.


    The construction crew has been running a noisy power generator non-stop since 9AM this morning and won't finish until 6PM tonight. This will be the 2nd day within a week of such major noise pollution. These are not acceptable living conditions in a residential neighborhood where little kids need to nap, children need to do homework, grown-ups need to work from home, and everyone else just residing here.

    Overall, this is the 3rd major complaint about unprofessional construction site management impacting residents. Not happy!

  • 45 Walden St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This is the second time I have reached out to complain about cars driving in the opposite lane on Walden St. The last time I was almost hot twice by cars doing this. It happens every day (I saw 7 cars do this in the several minutes I was outside). As traffic backs up on Walden, cars will drive pull out and drive down Walden in the wrong lane and turn on Mead. Anyone driving or cross on Mead is in danger. Adding to this is the tall fence that blocks seeing traffic on Walden form Mead.
  • 7-11 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    The protected bike lane on Broadway is impassible, forcing cyclists to veer dangerously into the street. This is unacceptable to have a bike lane completely covered in ice, especially as Cambridge touts itself as a bike-friendly city. Further up the street, the sidewalk level bike lane has had snow pushed into it and has aso not been plowed. The bike lane on the other side of the street is also full of snow. This is unacceptable!
  • 2579 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Hello. I live at the intersection of Alewife Brook Parkway and Mass Ave in North Cambridge. With so much new traffic in the entire Cambridge area I realize how hectic things are bound to get. However, there are many families that live at this intersection and it is almost becoming impossible to cross to the other side of Mass Ave (onto the side with the bus stop) at the last pedestrian crossing before you reach the traffic lights and cross into East Arlington. I am wondering if it would be possible to install either another traffic light in this area or a blinking yellow light at that crosswalk to protect the safety of the families that live in this area. I no longer feel comfortable bringing my young children across this crosswalk. Also the cars do not always understand to stop at that last intersection before the lights at which you are supposed to receive a $100 fine for blocking the intersection. This is where many families need to turn in to get to their homes and it is blocked frequently by very angry drivers honking their horns because they don't either see the sign or understand what to do. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help make this area of North Cambridge safer for families and address the above issues. Can you please direct me to a person that could help understand this issue more and perhaps intervene? Thanks.
  • 52 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02139, United States - Mit
    Large bus from Local Motion company parked illegally for at least twenty minutes. No active loading of passengers. Partially blocking MBTA stop and fully blocking access to the protected bike lane. All of the work to create these lanes, plow them, etc is completely wasted if there is no enforcement, and as you can see from reports this block has issues most of the time during commuting hours. (Also a recurrent issue with this company. Submitted another report for a different bus parked at the same time blocking bus stop and bike lane at Marlborough St!)
  • 320 Rindge Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Pedestrian reports missing crosswalk sign here. Today Water Dept worked at this location. Residents put a temporary "sandwich board" indicating crosswalk for students to identify crosswalk, but that disappeared today. Resident is not sure why the temporary sandwich board sign had to be removed. Please reinstall the crosswalk sign or provide some temporary indicator for students to safely cross Rindge Ave. This is a high traffic area and should not be unmarked.
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    Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (Middle School Campus) Clement Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138-2706, United States of America - West Cambridge
    Illegal idling. Every school day these parents drive in to pick up their kids, they come sometimes 20 minutes or more early, and they idle the whole time. Not one or two cars but dozens. Can we please get the anti idling law enforced.
  • 288-308 Franklin Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    again, on friday around 10:30, the sidewalk was occupied by 2 rental cars. Enterprise regularly used the sidewalk as their extra parking space, leaving little space for pedestrians on the sidewalk. will the city do something about it (this is my third complain and I have already called the police more than once...).
    ticketing is obviously not working here