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  • Mass Ave/Cameron Intersection Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This issue is for both Mass Ave/Cameron Ave intersection and Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection.
    These two intersections are very busy with pedestrian and bicyclists competing with cars turning into Mass Ave from Cameron Street and Cedar Street and vice versa. Also, these two intersections are gridlocked during morning and evening rush hours further endangering the pedestrians and bicyclists.
    My wife came very close to getting hit by a car turning left from Cameron Ave onto southbound Mass Ave as she was crossing Mass Ave from west side to the east side with the walk sign in her favor. The motorist had the green light to proceed as well but was not paying close attention to the pedestrian traffic.
    Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection has the added complication of bicyclist and pedestrian attempting to go from the west side of the Linear Park to the east side..
    Please study the situation and see if dedicated walk cycle an be added.
  • 395-415 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    This intersection is SO dangerous! Gridlock in the morning and dangerous behavior by frustrated drivers is making this notorious intersection worse than ever. The light timing must be adjusted to prevent the west bound drivers on Mt. Auburn Street from causing gridlock on their approach toward Coolidge Ave. AND the left turn arrow onto Coolidge Ave must be longer to accomodate the Shady Hill school traffic (7:45 - 8:15), which is causing the gridlock.
  • 52 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02139, United States - Mit
    Large bus from Local Motion company parked illegally for at least twenty minutes. No active loading of passengers. Partially blocking MBTA stop and fully blocking access to the protected bike lane. All of the work to create these lanes, plow them, etc is completely wasted if there is no enforcement, and as you can see from reports this block has issues most of the time during commuting hours. (Also a recurrent issue with this company. Submitted another report for a different bus parked at the same time blocking bus stop and bike lane at Marlborough St!)
  • 34 Fairfield St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    The construction site at 34 Fairfield Street currently has no electric power hook-up and supply.

    --> Please enforce that the home owner or general contractor SIGN UP FOR ELECTRIC SERVICE so that power tools can be plugged in instead of using a noisy generator.


    The construction crew has been running a noisy power generator non-stop since 9AM this morning and won't finish until 6PM tonight. This will be the 2nd day within a week of such major noise pollution. These are not acceptable living conditions in a residential neighborhood where little kids need to nap, children need to do homework, grown-ups need to work from home, and everyone else just residing here.

    Overall, this is the 3rd major complaint about unprofessional construction site management impacting residents. Not happy!

  • 136-152 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The 4-way stop at Rindge/Cedar/Middlesex is still hard for many drivers to remember or see. The problem is mainly with the Rindge traffic--it's not intuitive for that traffic to stop. I almost had an accident as I was turning onto Rindge from Cedar because of a driver running the stop-sign. I walk by or through that intersection a lot, and have lost count of the number of times I have witnessed cars honking at other drivers running the sign. Can additional signage or paint (i.e. stronger bright white lines, "STOP" lettered on the street) be added to increase safety?
  • Alewife Linear Park Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    A big box truck that illegally entered the bike path knocked the new bike lights off rendering them useless and they're hanging down potentially dangerous. Should be fixed ASAP.
  • 140-148 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
    As I was calling this in to CPD the same guy who must work there (yes I've called in many from this location) came out to harass me. After I noted the multiple pedestrians and cyclists going out into the street to get around the vehicle he left it with "come on, nobody really works in Cambridge, anyway..."?????
  • 1 Central Square Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    This intersection is far too busy to allow the walk light to be timed along with a greenlight. There should be a 4 way red light to allow pedestrians to use existing crosswalks or go cross-corner. This would also allow vehicles to make right turns onto Prospect and from River to Mass Ave without competing with pedestrians. This causes traffic to back up and puts pedestrians in competition with turning vehicles. I have seen large vehicles almost hit people because they have to turn slower and cant see people entering the crosswalk after they have started their turn. The 4 way stop in Porter Sq allows for safe passage in front of the T station. This intersection is a death zone waiting to happen.
  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Please, please stop making the street cleaning announcements via megaphone. I have sleep problems and the three days a week every month that a megaphone comes around at 7am are so hurtful and unnecessary.
  • 1585 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard
    Can someone in City Planning please work with Harvard Law to have them establish an Uber Pick up in the circular driveway on their property across from Waterhouse Street? With the protected bike lanes, when events let out, as one did yesterday around 4:45 pm, ubers stop in the driving lane closest to the protected bike lane, pedestrians start cutting across bike lanes with their luggage seemingly without knowing whose uber it is and frequently with outlook looking first: bikes, cars and pedestrians are all in peril as all traffic comes to a sudden halt.
  • Harvard Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Here is another person with multiple airbnb listings in Cambridge:
  • Other Archived
    445 Broadway Cambridge 02138, United States - Mid-Cambridge

    People sleeping feet from the entrance to CRLS.

    Most longtime residents are aware that we have homeless individuals who are part of our community who live in and around the Cambridge public library. Most of these people have integrated into the community and a way and make an effort to coexist. However there are also a new wave of people in the area who are not as respectful.

    I think it is extremely poor example for our children and students to be walking in for a day of high school ready to learn with people flopped out on the library steps just feet away. I know firsthand that other individuals who sleep near the library do not like this either as they have gone out of their way to make sure that they are up and about their day in the morning before school starts. I would strongly encourage the Cambridge police to work with these individuals to discourage this moving forward. It is not what we want for our community.