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  • Hurlbut St & Linnaean St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    This car one Hurlbut St had its front end knocked off and is the 3rd car to get visibly dinged at the mouth of Hurlbut and Linnaean in the last 2-3 weeks. Cars fly off Linnaean to cut down to Mass Ave and often never look to see a car coming up Hurlbut—the street is too narrow to accommodate two cars, so a car must pull over and yield to the other. The incidents of near collision, amount of traffic and incidents of reckless speeding have been on the rise. Is there something in the Traffic toolbox to calm this — a one way to Martin would make sense but then that just shifts the scenario to other streets. Restrictive access during rush hour is another idea as is police monitoring.
  • 156 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    drivers at the "new" all way stop between Middlesex Cedar and Rindge streets don't seem to understand that the rules have changed there despite all the warning signs you've put. I've seen people on Rindge repeatedly drive through in the afternoon as if it wasn't there, putting pedestrians and drivers in danger. anything else you can do, like add some pedestrians priority signs? anything you can coordinate with Cambridge police? thanks
  • 355 Main St Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - Mit
    This taxi was stopped here in the bike lane when I approached, and there was one parking spot ahead of it and two spots behind it that it could have easily pulled in to to let its passenger out. Drivers stopped in bike lanes unnecessarily like this should be warned, at minimum.
  • Raymond St & Walden St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Of 50 cars to traverse this 4 way stop intersection at a park corner, only 10 cars came to a complete stop. 20% compliance is an opportunity for serious injury. Some cars did not come to a complete stop even when children were crossing the intersection. This is typical when I do this counting.
  • 146-150 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    Dear Cambridge Traffic Parking and Transportation Staff,

    I wanted to alert you to the traffic situation that has been created by the new "No Turn On Red" sign at the intersection of Rindge Ave and Alewife Brook Parkway. Since that sign has been installed, during high traffic-volume times, traffic is now backing up from Alewife Brook Parkway all the way back to Mass Ave. That's nearly a mile of cars sitting in traffic barely moving.

    This is also causing traffic to back up onto the side streets that feed onto Rindge Ave.

    This adversely effects commuters, school buses, pedestrians, children on their way to school, crossing guards, curbside collection workers, and people with air quality issues.

    I left my house at 7:30 this morning, and traffic was already backed up nearly to Mass Ave because of that new sign.

    I'm hopeful you can remove the sign and find another pedestrian safety solution at that intersection that doesn't back up traffic so badly.

    Thanks very much for considering this.

    Freedom Baird
    20 Reed Street
    Cambridge, MA
    c: 617-529-6744

  • Bike Rack Request Acknowledged
    Bondir 279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Longfellows/Lamplighter is a popular destination but there are no bike racks besides a small one that only fits two bikes. It would be great to have a real bike rack here. I am actually sitting in the coffee shop and have seen numerous people come by on bike and not have a place to leave it. It would be great to put a rack maybe in the parking place out front. After all, a bike rack would fit at least 10 bikes while the parking space only fits one car. It would allow for many more custumers for local businesses!
  • Hancock Park Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Our little street (Hancock Park) was pretty bad last year and we requested our street to be repaved and instead some of the potholes were filled in, leaving the street in "okay" shape. These past 2 months, Eversource showed up on Hancock Park. They totally destroyed our street and sidewalks. Now Hancock Park has been reduced to gravel and several of our brick sidewalks just have the bricks stacked up and replaced with asphalt. It doesn't appear Eversource is ever going to fix the street or the sidewalks or put things back to the way they were (they seem to be "done" with their work and are just gone). Please come and put our sidewalks and street back in to a usable condition. Right now it looks like a construction site.
  • 131 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    After the most recent (and seemingly frequent) accident over the weekend at this intersection, please install a 4 way stop at the corners of Third and Spring.
  • 1420 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Cambridge Police Officer on traffic detail (see citation book left on dash board) can't be bothered to park in a legal parking space. He could have at least parked with enough care to not needlessly block the bike lane. You do a great job on other aspects of law enforcement, so I don't get the complete lack of care and professionalism here. How hard is it to walk a block from a parking garage?
  • Other Archived
    194 Elm Street Cambridge MA 02139 - Wellington-Harrington
    Large trucks are speeding down Elm Street, in particular Royal Hospitality, breaking overhead tree limbs, putting bikers and young children at risk, and creating loud noises and debri. We desperately need a raised sidewalk or speed bump at Elm and Lincoln to deter commercial trucks from using Elm Street vs Columbia.
  • Rice St & Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The new three-way stop at Cedar/Rice Street and Rindge Avenue is run constantly by drivers who do not realize that Rindge Avenue now has stop signs at that intersection. The brief presence of "New Traffic Pattern" signage has been ineffective. Flashing lights on the stop signs would be a major improvement to visibility and reduce the number of near-collisions at the location.
  • 701 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    The signal to Belmont st from mt auburn st is turning red all the time which used to be green and red only when pedestrians crossing. This is causing traffic back up all the way to the fresh pond parkway. It is taking more than 30 min to cross while it used to take less than 5 min.