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  • 81 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Due to the large City Tree in front of my home the roots are causing damage to the sidewalk. The sidewalk is not lifted causing a mound to form. People are falling and tripping in front of my home. It is now a hazard that I would like to be fixed, so that I receive no further complaints from angry neighbors.
  • 249-259 Huron Ave Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Sign is either succumbing to gravitational pull or believes it's in the wrong hemisphere. I believe a nail or screw is in order!!!
  • 10 Rogers Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    The trees along Rogers St between Land Blvd and First St are touching the building (River Court Condominium) in several places, and need to be pruned. A couple of residents have complained that the tree limbs are too close to their windows. Thank you!
  • White Street Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Something hit the crosswalk/yield sign at White St. (near Elm) and it laying on the sidewalk now.
  • 1 Montague Street Cambridge Massachusetts - Riverside
    Significant irrigation leak next to Hoyt Field tennis courts for over 3 years. I have complained about this on many occasions.
  • 354 Charlestown Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge

    Walk signal never comes on. Button seems to do nothing.

    I just found out that it has been this way for at least a week. Way to go Cambridge!

  • 256-268 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    I'm a community garden resident at Squirrel Brand garden on Broadway @ Boardman Street. Several of us have recently seen rodents running about the garden and infested in the overgrown bushes along the black metal fence that borders the garden within the park. In fact, the bushes are so overgrown that they are obtruding the entrance door to the garden. Please ask DPW to trim the bushes, which also help reduce the rat infestation. Thank you!
  • 446 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Walk and Don't Walk signals are illuminating at the same time.
  • Dog Park Archived
    Tudor Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    To whom it may concern,
    I am complaining about the lack of respect for the soccer field and people next to the dog park. I've noticed on numerous occasions people letting their dogs use the bathroom all over the soccer field when there is a dog park less then 10 feet away. People close the gates and let their dogs of the leash and everybody doesn't like dogs or even know their dog enough not to be cautious. I walk thru the soccer park after work to get to my car and I am constantly telling someone to get their dog or trying not to step in dog mess.
  • 56 Winslow Street Cambridge, MA - Neighborhood 9
    as of 12:30 on Monday, missed green bin
  • 60 Magazine St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    They have not shoveled since the snowfall Thursday. Now the sidewalk is dangerous/impassible. And I don't want to hear that enforcement is currently suspended, which is how you dismissed my last complaint (and those of several others). You acknowledge that enforcement was in place on Friday. They did it shovel out after Thursday. You all need to enforce your regulations. That is why we pay taxes.
  • 220 Brattle Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    the two lights at this intersection are causing a ton of traffic. one is green while the other is red. causing tons of traffic down mt auburn st. please switch them back to how they where.