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  • 100 Howard St. Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    At the corner of Howard and Kinnaird, there is a stop sign on Howard St., but traffic on Kinnaird moves freely. This intersection has historically been tricky for cars turning onto Kinnaird, but because homeowner at 100 Howard has put up a new fence, visibility coming from Howard is even more cut off. Would you consider adding a "cross traffic does not stop" sign on the stop sign on Howard to warn vehicles at this blind intersection? Many thanks!
  • Mass Ave & Cameron Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This is a follow-up of Issue ID 4270812 for both Mass Ave/Cameron Ave intersection and Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection. These two intersections are very busy with pedestrian and bicyclists competing with cars turning into Mass Ave from Cameron Street and Cedar Street and vice versa. Also, these two intersections are gridlocked during morning and evening rush hours further endangering the pedestrians and bicyclists.
    Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection has the added complication of bicyclist and pedestrian attempting to go from the west side of the Linear Park to the east side..
    Please study the situation and see if dedicated walk cycle an be added.
    Issue ID 4270812 was closed with a comment that an "exclusive pedestrian phase at this location would require that all traffic be stopped for a total of 36 seconds each cycle, requiring the entire signal cycle to be lengthened. The result would be significant increases in delay for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles".
    Now that Walk push buttons have been installed at these intersections, I am requesting Traffic Dept to consider the feasibility of granting exclusive pedestrian phase when the button is pressed.
    Thank you for your consideration,
  • 145 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Why is this sidewalk still closed - it is finished
  • 1 Central Square Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    This intersection is far too busy to allow the walk light to be timed along with a greenlight. There should be a 4 way red light to allow pedestrians to use existing crosswalks or go cross-corner. This would also allow vehicles to make right turns onto Prospect and from River to Mass Ave without competing with pedestrians. This causes traffic to back up and puts pedestrians in competition with turning vehicles. I have seen large vehicles almost hit people because they have to turn slower and cant see people entering the crosswalk after they have started their turn. The 4 way stop in Porter Sq allows for safe passage in front of the T station. This intersection is a death zone waiting to happen.
  • Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridge

    The bike lanes on Hampshire St are covered in slippery, wet leaves. Slippery enough that when the cyclist in front of me slowed to let a pedestrian cross, my rear wheel instantly locked up and I went down, hard, falling into the car lane. Thankfully no cars were approaching so I did not get run over.

    Street sweeping really needs to be done more frequently than once a month during the fall, at least on major bicycle corridors. I called CPD and reported the public safety issue, but it's not clear if anything will come of that so I'm reporting it here as well.

  • Harvard Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Here is another person with multiple airbnb listings in Cambridge:
  • 9 Cedar Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    I am interested in making this intersection an all-way stop like at Dudley and Cedar Street. This is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians and kids waiting/arriving from school buses. Cars heading to/from Mass Ave often speed through this intersection trying to make the light at the corner and do not pay attention to pedestrians.
  • 1585 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard
    Can someone in City Planning please work with Harvard Law to have them establish an Uber Pick up in the circular driveway on their property across from Waterhouse Street? With the protected bike lanes, when events let out, as one did yesterday around 4:45 pm, ubers stop in the driving lane closest to the protected bike lane, pedestrians start cutting across bike lanes with their luggage seemingly without knowing whose uber it is and frequently with outlook looking first: bikes, cars and pedestrians are all in peril as all traffic comes to a sudden halt.
  • 143 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    This is a request for a pedestrian and bike specific overpass AND connector between the Minute Man trail and the Fresh Pond Reservoir. The bike option over the rail tracks is very bad - either dangerous or sharing a small sidewalk with pedestrians. This is 2019. We should have the infrastructure to accommodate everyone that wants to bike without obstruction, everyone who wants to walk without obstruction, and everyone who wants to drive without obstruction.
  • 480 Concord Ave Cambridge Ma 02138 United States - West Cambridge
    This is an entrance onto the rotary. However it’s unclear whether it’s 2 lanes or one lane. There are simply no markings either way. Why does this matter? I’d say about 75% of drivers think it’s two lanes and the rest that it’s one lane. The drivers who think it’s one lane center themselves and block the way. People honk. One lady screamed at me out her window like a maniac that it was one lane. I happen to think it’s 2 lanes. Every other entrance to the rotary is 2 lanes. It’s shaped like its two lanes. And it feeds into two lanes. Plus, having it one lane accomplishes nothing except to back up traffic. But I have no more evidence than the screaming woman because there are no signs or markings, and I could be wrong. Lanes were clarified in other parts of the rotary with signs and markings not long ago but nothing was done here. Please add some marking one way or the other
  • 310 Main St Cambridge 02142, United States - Mit
    There should be a traffic light placed here for the safety of pedestrians and proper flow of traffic. When a train gets into the station and everyone comes up to the street level, you can have 50+ people crossing the street at the same time. It’s frustrating for drivers during busy times of the day at this intersection and the flow of traffic needs to be better managed for all. I know pedestrians have the right of way but this is a busy area with lots of buses, trolleys, trucks, bikes, cars, etc and it’s an area for an accident waiting to happen.
  • 1 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Please add a sign saying "Right Lane Must Turn Right" and paint a Right Arrow on the street. There is already a Turn Right light signal installed and cars continue to drive straight while in the right lane. This could potentially cause an accident.