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  • Mead St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Drivers around rush hour (3pm-8pm) are recklessly driving down Mead st every day often cutting into the wrong lane on Walden st towards mass ave to cut past traffic. Multiple times today alone I was at risk of being hit both as a driver and a pedestrian. They swing around the corner with no visibility often at an inappropriate speed. It is a two way street only large enough for one car at a time and as a resident it becomes unsafe to drive up the street towards Walden st (the opposite direction from these reckless drivers). Exiting driveways is also extremely unsafe, I was almost killed while exiting a driveway today by a car that raced down the street and stopped barely a foot away from hitting me while I was still perpendicular to the road while backing out. He had to go around me because he didn't give me enough space to straighten out and even get close to making room for him to pass appropriately. This street is not equip to handle this kind of traffic. There are children living on this street and it is terrifying for 5 hours of the day. There was a cop placed in front of the street once but had no impact by the next week. What is needed is a sign for residents only even just for the afternoon. PLEASE HELP! This is really really scary and nothing has been done despite my own as well as other complaints I've heard being made by others.
  • 441 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    The 2 dawn redwood trees in this photograph are located directly in front of the Main Library. These trees are iconic and greatly beloved. However, as can be evidenced in this photograph, these trees are looking highly stressed. Loving attention is urgently needed! Please feed these trees (deep-root fertilizaion would be good) and mulch them with a mulch/ compost/ mix. Time to bring these beloved beauties back to life!
  • 1876 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02140, United States - Agassiz-Harvard
    The intersection of Mass Ave / Upland should have a “no turn on red” sign for cars turning right from Mass Ave onto Upland. This intersection is busy with pedestrians accessing the Porter T stop. Problem is that the pedestrian lights from 3 directions go on at the same time, and a car turning right on red may hit a pedestrian (who has the walk light) walking directly in front of the car on Mass Ave or to their right on Upland. Not sure if this was an oversight given how busy this intersection is - Mass Ave otherwise has “no turn on right” signs EVERYWHERE. Thanks for looking into it!
  • Cambridge St & Maple Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    I have fumed over Comcast often in the many years I've lived in Cambridge - over their pricing, lack of flexibility with bundled packages, overpriced internet-only service, etc - but I just realized tonight that SeeClickFix might know EXACTLY where to route this issue!!!

    WHY is Comcast the only option we have for residential internet here in Cambridge?? Isn't this the exact definition of a monopoly?? And why is Verizon FiOS not here yet, which might give us some options and thus - leverage - for residential internet??

    I am REALLY tired of the endless incremental increases in my bill, the $9.95 added to my bill for (what is supposed to be FREE) broadcast stations, the almost-equal cost for internet only if I want just that and not cable or phone...

    What branch of our City is in charge of this, and when will it change?

  • 1662 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    Sidewalk stencils designating no sidewalk bicycling are faded or missing. Mass. Ave. from Wendell-Shepard to Russell-Cogswell is a legal no-sidewalk-bicycling zone. Curb cut reconstruction has obliterated some old stencils. As a result, to the disadvantage of pedestrians, sidewalk cycling is on the increase. The stencils are much more effective than posted metal signs, so please replace and maintain them.
  • 85 Montgomery Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    I live at 91 Montgomery Street in N. Cambridge. The raised crosswalks that were recently installed don't look finished but seem to have been completed. They have extremely sharp edges that are dangerous to bicycles and cars. With my windows open, I hear cars bottoming out and scraping their tires against the sharp curb.
  • 2309 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Please consider additional signage to discourage illegal left u-turn from Massachusetts Avenue into the Century Bank entrance. I have been almost hit five times. A neighbor's toddler was almost hit once. At 5:30 today I witnessed a driver make the illegal left u-turn from Mass Avenue into the Century Bank entrance and miss a motorcyclist by 1 foot. She blamed him for her illegal turn and honked her horn so loud she could have startled him into running into the car in front of him.
  • 140-148 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
    As I was calling this in to CPD the same guy who must work there (yes I've called in many from this location) came out to harass me. After I noted the multiple pedestrians and cyclists going out into the street to get around the vehicle he left it with "come on, nobody really works in Cambridge, anyway..."?????
  • 7-11 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    The protected bike lane on Broadway is impassible, forcing cyclists to veer dangerously into the street. This is unacceptable to have a bike lane completely covered in ice, especially as Cambridge touts itself as a bike-friendly city. Further up the street, the sidewalk level bike lane has had snow pushed into it and has aso not been plowed. The bike lane on the other side of the street is also full of snow. This is unacceptable!
  • Mass Ave/Cameron Intersection Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This issue is for both Mass Ave/Cameron Ave intersection and Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection.
    These two intersections are very busy with pedestrian and bicyclists competing with cars turning into Mass Ave from Cameron Street and Cedar Street and vice versa. Also, these two intersections are gridlocked during morning and evening rush hours further endangering the pedestrians and bicyclists.
    My wife came very close to getting hit by a car turning left from Cameron Ave onto southbound Mass Ave as she was crossing Mass Ave from west side to the east side with the walk sign in her favor. The motorist had the green light to proceed as well but was not paying close attention to the pedestrian traffic.
    Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection has the added complication of bicyclist and pedestrian attempting to go from the west side of the Linear Park to the east side..
    Please study the situation and see if dedicated walk cycle an be added.
  • 395-415 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    This intersection is SO dangerous! Gridlock in the morning and dangerous behavior by frustrated drivers is making this notorious intersection worse than ever. The light timing must be adjusted to prevent the west bound drivers on Mt. Auburn Street from causing gridlock on their approach toward Coolidge Ave. AND the left turn arrow onto Coolidge Ave must be longer to accomodate the Shady Hill school traffic (7:45 - 8:15), which is causing the gridlock.
  • 343 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    At sciarappa st at Cambridge st 69 bus stop people constantly park in bus stop illegally to pick up pizza at arams. Can stop be moved to opposite intersection in front of st Francis? Bus often doesn't see people waiting and we miss our bus!