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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2017-02-11

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  • 159 Pemberton St Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Sewer drain on Pemberton completely covered by dirt and debris.
  • 1 Jfk Street Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge

    @GVogel18 reports via twitter: please teach folks that this type of parking should not happen in bike lanes. Save lives, not parking. Thank you.

  • Rollins Court Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    Hello, there are several trash and recycling bins on the corner of Watson street and Rollins court. They are out all days of the weeks, not just Thursday - Friday. They have been partially blocking sidewalk in Watson and driveway to Rollins court. It doesn't look like any one wants to claim them and they have no address. Please remove them as they are becoming a nuisance. Thanks
  • 10 West Bellevue Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    I know you said that someone was going to come here and resolve this, however it never happened. 2 plows, one reversing out, never came near to the end of the street and the other just turned around and left. Well, as I needed to get my car out, I had to shovel it myself, appears I did not have a choice. Nonetheless, your plow has blocked the drain and there is at least 3 inches of water covering the end of this road outside my driveway and into the centre. If this freezes, it is not going to be a good outcome. Hopefully you can at least clear the snow from the drain.
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    345 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Resident called to complain about the contractor plowing over the storm drain he just cleared and blocking it on Broadway opposite the old Longfellow School. The drivers were rude when he tried to speak with them.
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    Allston Pleasant and Fairmont, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    Resident called to complain about a tow truck with a plow barreling around the neighborhood of Allston, Pleasant and Fairmont and plowing nothing.
  • 70 Rindge Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Vincent who is a resident in the vicinity of the Peabody School called early this morning because of the late activity at the elementary school. He states that contractors have started removing snow at 0100 this morning, running multiple pieces of heavy equipment. The lights, the metal banging the granite curb has prevented him from getting to sleep. Vincent believes that the City of Cambridge should have more consideration for the neighboring residents when operational decisions are made, such as removal of snow in the very late hour.
  • 9 Merrill Street Cambridge, MA - Mid-Cambridge
    There is a long branch of an evergreen tree hanging over the sidewalk and part of the street at 9 Merrill Street. It is cracked half way through where it comes out from the trunk. It looks as if the other half will crack soon. Could a workman come and take it off so that it won’t fall and hurt someone?
    Pamela Berger
  • 350 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    PLEASE STOP DUMPING SNOW IN FRONT OF RESIDENCES! I understand that it is important for snow to be cleared from in front of schools, but dumping it on the opposite side of the street in front of homes is NOT appropriate. In addition to listening to snow plows all night, I wake up with 10 feet of snow on my sidewalk - which came from the opposite side of the street. Truck away the snow to another site - do not make a hazard in front of people's homes!
  • 19 Churchill Avenue Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Snow plows covered sidewalk with snow and ice after it was shoveled.
  • 40 Union Street Cambridge, MA - Wellington-Harrington
    Plow had pushed snow and ice on a already cleared sidewalk.
  • 8 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - Mit
    Please remove the snow bank blocking an otherwise fairly clear bike lane near 8 Broadway at Main and Third. Also please pass along to the appropriate department that the Longfellow Bridge bike lane remains half clear causing bicycle commuters to take the already narrow traffic lane. Thanks.