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  • 288-308 Franklin Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    again, on friday around 10:30, the sidewalk was occupied by 2 rental cars. Enterprise regularly used the sidewalk as their extra parking space, leaving little space for pedestrians on the sidewalk. will the city do something about it (this is my third complain and I have already called the police more than once...).
    ticketing is obviously not working here
  • 2579 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Hello. I live at the intersection of Alewife Brook Parkway and Mass Ave in North Cambridge. With so much new traffic in the entire Cambridge area I realize how hectic things are bound to get. However, there are many families that live at this intersection and it is almost becoming impossible to cross to the other side of Mass Ave (onto the side with the bus stop) at the last pedestrian crossing before you reach the traffic lights and cross into East Arlington. I am wondering if it would be possible to install either another traffic light in this area or a blinking yellow light at that crosswalk to protect the safety of the families that live in this area. I no longer feel comfortable bringing my young children across this crosswalk. Also the cars do not always understand to stop at that last intersection before the lights at which you are supposed to receive a $100 fine for blocking the intersection. This is where many families need to turn in to get to their homes and it is blocked frequently by very angry drivers honking their horns because they don't either see the sign or understand what to do. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help make this area of North Cambridge safer for families and address the above issues. Can you please direct me to a person that could help understand this issue more and perhaps intervene? Thanks.
  • 34 Fairfield St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    The construction site at 34 Fairfield Street currently has no electric power hook-up and supply.

    --> Please enforce that the home owner or general contractor SIGN UP FOR ELECTRIC SERVICE so that power tools can be plugged in instead of using a noisy generator.


    The construction crew has been running a noisy power generator non-stop since 9AM this morning and won't finish until 6PM tonight. This will be the 2nd day within a week of such major noise pollution. These are not acceptable living conditions in a residential neighborhood where little kids need to nap, children need to do homework, grown-ups need to work from home, and everyone else just residing here.

    Overall, this is the 3rd major complaint about unprofessional construction site management impacting residents. Not happy!

  • 45 Walden St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This is the second time I have reached out to complain about cars driving in the opposite lane on Walden St. The last time I was almost hot twice by cars doing this. It happens every day (I saw 7 cars do this in the several minutes I was outside). As traffic backs up on Walden, cars will drive pull out and drive down Walden in the wrong lane and turn on Mead. Anyone driving or cross on Mead is in danger. Adding to this is the tall fence that blocks seeing traffic on Walden form Mead.
  • 343 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    At sciarappa st at Cambridge st 69 bus stop people constantly park in bus stop illegally to pick up pizza at arams. Can stop be moved to opposite intersection in front of st Francis? Bus often doesn't see people waiting and we miss our bus!
  • Mass Ave/Cameron Intersection Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This issue is for both Mass Ave/Cameron Ave intersection and Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection.
    These two intersections are very busy with pedestrian and bicyclists competing with cars turning into Mass Ave from Cameron Street and Cedar Street and vice versa. Also, these two intersections are gridlocked during morning and evening rush hours further endangering the pedestrians and bicyclists.
    My wife came very close to getting hit by a car turning left from Cameron Ave onto southbound Mass Ave as she was crossing Mass Ave from west side to the east side with the walk sign in her favor. The motorist had the green light to proceed as well but was not paying close attention to the pedestrian traffic.
    Mass Ave/Cedar Street intersection has the added complication of bicyclist and pedestrian attempting to go from the west side of the Linear Park to the east side..
    Please study the situation and see if dedicated walk cycle an be added.
  • 136-152 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The 4-way stop at Rindge/Cedar/Middlesex is still hard for many drivers to remember or see. The problem is mainly with the Rindge traffic--it's not intuitive for that traffic to stop. I almost had an accident as I was turning onto Rindge from Cedar because of a driver running the stop-sign. I walk by or through that intersection a lot, and have lost count of the number of times I have witnessed cars honking at other drivers running the sign. Can additional signage or paint (i.e. stronger bright white lines, "STOP" lettered on the street) be added to increase safety?
  • Harvard Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Here is another person with multiple airbnb listings in Cambridge:
  • 1991 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Please install more bike parking near St James Episcopal Church on the sidewalk. This is the most common approach for cyclists - As it stands, on Sunday mornings, parishioners who bike to church end up competing for the single bike post or have to walk 10 minutes and park in Porter Square. Several posts could easily be put to good use during the week and there is a large amount of sidewalk to work with.
  • 1 Central Square Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    This intersection is far too busy to allow the walk light to be timed along with a greenlight. There should be a 4 way red light to allow pedestrians to use existing crosswalks or go cross-corner. This would also allow vehicles to make right turns onto Prospect and from River to Mass Ave without competing with pedestrians. This causes traffic to back up and puts pedestrians in competition with turning vehicles. I have seen large vehicles almost hit people because they have to turn slower and cant see people entering the crosswalk after they have started their turn. The 4 way stop in Porter Sq allows for safe passage in front of the T station. This intersection is a death zone waiting to happen.
  • 156 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Recently (within the past week) there have been 2 stop signs installed on Rindge Ave at the intersection of Cedar St, making this intersection and "all-way stop." Historically this has been a very difficult intersection for pedestrians so I am glad the city is trying to address it. However, I believe these signs (in their current state) have actually made the intersection MORE dangerous because I have witnesses that many (most?!) people driving down Rindge St either don't notice or don't abide by them. Pedestrians may be under the impression that the drivers will stop, but I live in the immediate vicinity and have observed numerous cars driving right past these signs (just this morning I watched as 5 cars in a row ignored the signs as an oncoming biker was patiently waiting to make a left turn). I would ask that the city PLEASE put some additional markings at this intersection to highlight that traffic must stop- perhaps flashing lights on the stop signs, or a separate flashing red light, or a cone in the crosswalk. Every day I cross this intersection with my small child and dog and it is extremely dangerous- I implore you to please look into this before a serious accident occurs. Thank you.
  • 1585 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - Agassiz-Harvard
    Can someone in City Planning please work with Harvard Law to have them establish an Uber Pick up in the circular driveway on their property across from Waterhouse Street? With the protected bike lanes, when events let out, as one did yesterday around 4:45 pm, ubers stop in the driving lane closest to the protected bike lane, pedestrians start cutting across bike lanes with their luggage seemingly without knowing whose uber it is and frequently with outlook looking first: bikes, cars and pedestrians are all in peril as all traffic comes to a sudden halt.