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  • 20 W 12th St Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania - Marcus Hook
    On any given day, there are 50+ open septa permit spots at the train station, unused, and 30+ resident parking spots, also unused. There are also broken meters at the municipal lot, and a slew of 3 hour only parking meters that are unused and could be used for train commuters if they made them 10 hour+ meters. Septa claims there is an 8 month waiting list for permit parking spots, yet every day there are 50+ open! I've heard people talking and they say employees get away with giving away the permits (for free) to people who use the train once a year or even less! Add to that, now that the Media/Elwyn train is down for summer, all of the rich yuppies are using the marcus hook train despite the fact that Septa gives them discounted Uber service, and free shuttle service to Swarthmore station where the train service begins on that line! Traffic on i95 and pollution are bad enough as it is.. Parking should NOT be the reason that people don't use the train to get to work, yet that's 100% the reason in this case. Build a garage, open up the so called "permit spots", hell even change them to quarter board spots.. I'LL PAY DOUBLE TO PARK THERE. Just give us the option and stop wasting the unused parking spots!
  • high grass Archived
    9 W 2nd Street - Marcus Hook
    grass a mile high on 3 houses on w 2nd street in marcus hook,trash all over the place.
  • 21-49 Maple St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    In Viscose Village still after 8:00 pm there are children under the age of 18 running the streets , they see a police car they run up on someones porch then right back on the street , so tell me WHAT A JOKE MARCUS HOOK MAYOR, YOU GOT CHANNEL 29 NEW TO SHOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING , but like everything else its forgotten
  • 4500-4598 U.S. 13 Trainer, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    The bridge is very unstable. The big rigs drive across it all day every day. It's going to collapse. Lets not wait until a family is driving over it or perhaps a child walking across it.
  • Edgmont Avenue Brookhaven Pa - Marcus Hook
    Large uneven and sinking patchwork at route 352 and Cambridge road intersection right lane between COCO pizza and traffic signal in Brookhaven.
  • Romper Room Archived
    Marcus Hook PA, USA - Marcus Hook
    Kids congregating in one area...park is 3 minutes down the road. Too many little kids unattended in Market Square Parking lot...
  • Marcus Hook PA, USA - Marcus Hook
    Too many things to mention......but you KNOW what they are......c'mon people!!!!.
  • 10th St & Plaza Dr Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    Pot hole on Route 13 between Walnut St and Smith St. It expands throughout both the left and right lanes. It is unavoidable.
  • Marcus Hook PA, USA - Marcus Hook
    There is a pothole big enough that the water has not drained since the last rainfall and the geese swim in it. Plenty of vehicles that are not aware of this HOLE have gone into it and end up swerving over into the next lane which is very dangerous. Please help have this fixed before there is a serious accident
  • 51-99 Marshall Ave Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    Cars are speeding down the street all hours of the day and night. Especially at 5am when all the Sunoco workers are coming in and want to skip all the stop signs down Market street.