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  • 16787-16931 Dix Toledo Rd Southgate, MI 48195, USA - Southgate
    This area has been horrible FOREVER. Anyone who drives this ramp knows to stay way to the left. It needs to be fixed soon!!!
  • 7146 Pelham Rd Taylor, MI 48180, USA - Taylor
    There needs to be a left turn light at the intersection of Ecorse and Pelham. There are so many accidents that could be avoided.
  • 20001-20099 Northline Rd Taylor, MI 48180, USA - Taylor
    The train tracks at this intersection make it even worse, but the road is so jacked so everyone has to slow down in order to make it through the intersection. It makes traffic go much slower and less people can get through the light. Plus I am afraid my car will fall apart while driving through.
  • 14747 Schafer Ct. - Southgate
    The Southgate Animal Shelter is the worst of it's kind that I have ever seen. It is cramped, dirty, and located directly behind a building that houses industrial vehicles which is not only dangerous for animals that may escape, just as one did today, but it causes tremendous stress on the scared animals being housed there. I experienced horrible service today. The officer in charge asked if I had a cat (a stray I have been caring for that I found at my job at a busy local gas station). When I said yes, he asked me 'Why do people hate me on Mondays?' We proceeded to get the animal from my car, but the cat was so scared, he struggled loose from his restraint and ran away towards the service vehilde building. The officer threw up his hands and pretty much said 'Oh well.' I didn't expect him to run after him, but this man was unforgivably rude and uncaring. When I asked him if he still wanted the donation I brought, he replied stonily, 'Have a nice day.' If this is the type of person we as a city are leaving our animals in the care of, I believe we have a serious problem here. We trust our animals to shelters because they cannot take care of themselves. I was incredibly disappointed, and will never again take an animal to this shelter.
  • 15201 Trenton Rd Southgate, MI 48195, USA - Southgate
    Please reprogramTrenton's light so that more traffic can get through
  • 1444 Winchester Ave Lincoln Park, MI 48146, USA - Lincoln Park
    Weeds already growing, and by summer will be as high as the wall.
  • 13001-13115 Dix Toledo Rd Southgate, MI 48195, USA - Southgate
    Need a left turn on northline (west) from dix (north).
  • 12450-12700 Reeck Rd Southgate, MI 48195, USA - Southgate
    There are pot holes along the entire stretch of Reeck Road between Goddard and Northline Road. This had to be fixed soon.
  • Interstate 75 Southgate, MI 48195, USA - Southgate
    service dive along Interstate75 between northline and allen road by mcdonald, needs to be fix.
  • Intersection @ Wick Rd & Pardee Rd. - Taylor
    For over 40 yrs citizens have seen accidents -or have had to use extreme caution -at the intersection of Wick/Pardee in Taylor. Other intersections in our community have had "new" street traffic lights installed ... other intersections that did not necessarily *need them as much - seemingly for "cosmetic" reason. The two traffic lights in front of Heritage Park is one too many while accidents occur of a frequent basis just a few kilometers north at Wick. We live in the subdivision behind Sax Save-More and the years of hearing sirens has Got To Stop. We pay taxes. We vote. We serve. We deserve a safer intersection.
    Fix This!! Before it is said that a life-disabling accident or death was Preventable however TAYLOR did not take heed. Wick: there are *three lanes* here. Visibility is extremely hampered* Cars are constantly switching lanes to avoid the left turning vehicles* Oncoming traffic is dangerously spontaneous. HELP and Thank you! We'll see if this gets "fixed" within the next 40 years.
  • 22000-22022 Northline Rd Taylor, MI 48180, USA - Taylor
    The motion activated sensor is pointed to far down and Vehicles have to pull across the side walk to activate. If vehicles dont pull far enough forward your stuck for several minutes
  • 16999-16301 Trenton Road Southgate, MI, USA - Southgate
    Islands become invisible with snow fall causing drivers to drive over them.