Borough of Trappe

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  • 2-30 Pennsylvania 113 Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    The intersection of RT 113 and Main Street in Trappe is horrible. Traffic backs up 1/4 mile in certain directions. They need to make a left hand turn lane on RT 113. In the mean time, put in some traffic sensing lights to speed the flow of traffic in this congested intersection.
  • 2-42 W 7th Ave Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    light takes 4-5 minutes to cycle. dangerous intersection.
  • 1099 S Lewis Rd Collegeville, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    far to many cars are going thru this intersection w/out stopping
    cars a pulling out infrt of each other - at least 20 crashes in last 2 yrs
    lights are planned but a home owner is refusing penndot to allow them to put up signal in their yard - take it by emminent domain and save a life
  • 1-7 Bridge Rd Collegeville, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    This intersection is madness! A light needs to be installed before lives are claimed. People on 113 won't even slow down a bit for anyone who might be in the middle of crossing the road, and cars are backed up during morning and afternoon commutes. Fix this!
  • 500-596 Betcher Rd Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    Block this road with cement walls to stop cut-through traffic and make it safe
  • 600 W Main St Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    The drivers who are making a turn off of W.7th Ave in Trappe need to be very cautious. I know hesitant to make a turn if I am the first one in line at this interestion. Way too many times the people who are waiting for the light on Ridge Pike don't look at their traffic light above them instead the look ahead and its not for them. It's for the people who are going through the interestion. I can't believe there is more accidents. They need to remove on of the lights to make it less confusing.
  • Pothole Open
    301-367 Borough Line Rd Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    Several potholes when driving up the hill from Rt. 113 on Borough Line Rd
  • 7th Avenue And Ridge Pike Trappe, PA - Trappe
    Coming up 7th ave from augustus Lutheran towards Ridge, light hold less than 8 seconds and they need to fix it, you can barely get 4 cars through at 5:00 during the week.
  • Intersection Of Borough Line Rd And Rt 113 Upper Providence, PA - Trappe
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 2-42 W 7th Ave Trappe, PA 19426, USA - Trappe
    The light at W.7th Ave and E.7th Ave doesn't cycle enough for the drivers who are trying to make turns off both sides of 7th Ave. The traffic goes way too long on Ridge Pike.
  • 36-198 Elio Circle Trappe, PA - Trappe
    Worn down apartments with debris scattered throughout the neighborhood. there is an entire home-gym on the backyard exposed to main street.
  • 880 E. 7th Ave Collegeville, PA - Trappe
    People race along here entirely too fast. It's 25 MPH because the road's narrow and partially overgrown.