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People of Upper Chichester want you to know what concerns we have. Please look at address these.

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  • Upland Drive Between Fox Mill & Bethel Road. - Boothwyn
    Upland Drive has become a racetrack for the residents cutting through to Trophy Drive. The speed limit is 15 but the average speed is well over 35-40 MPH. Also why even have a stop sign at Upland & Fox Mill?? Whats the use? No one stops anyway, especially the school buses. Been here many years and never seen it this bad!
  • Stop sign Archived
    1501-1799 Okiola Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Why have a stop sign, nobody stops. We can pay the police force with tickets.
  • 2600-2632 Johnson Rd Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    People are always blowing through this stop sign on Johnson St. There are kids walking to school through here.
  • Rolling Glen Drive Boothwyn PA - Boothwyn
    There are so many stray cats on the property and they are urinating and defacating all over our property. Someone in the complex is feeding them every night so now they won't go away.
  • 2635 Chichester Ave Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - Boothwyn
    At 1:57pm today , a car.made a left out of the already traffic bound.produce junction near meetinghouse. Three signs say not to make this left but people do it every day.
  • 1643 Garnet Mine Rd. Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    hundreds of speeding drivers cut down our street to cut through and get around traffic on 322. speed limit is 35 but everyone goes 45-55 mph and over a hill where they cannot see and could not stop if there was an emergency or children crossing the road.
  • Larkin Road And Chichester Ave Boothwyn Pa 19061 - Boothwyn
    Traffic light is timed wrong and will not change. Even during the night its slow.
  • 999 Pleasant Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Coming off of I-95 south at the Chi exit ( Pleasant ave.) the right turn lane onto Chi is now a Rt turn and cross over to get on I-95 south. This backs up traffic, sometimes back onto I-95. The right lane should be for turning right onto Chi and the left lane should be for turning left onto Chi and cross over to I-95 ( just as it was before the recent pattern change ). The left lane is rarely used because most travelers to Marcus Hook and Lower Chi take the prior 452 exit off of 95 South.
  • Poor plowing Archived
    2400-2498 2nd Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    What a lousy job plowing our steet, truck came down once allday with no salt!! Looks like Philly.
  • Mill Rd. Boothwyn PA - Boothwyn

    This has been posted in the past. I'm convinced that the issues is one that the township of Upper Chichester refuses to address.

    PLEASE patrol the street before someone is injured by the speeding.

  • Naamanwood Development Boothwyn, PA, 19061 - Boothwyn
    This development is getting hit hard with door-to-door sales or offers of estimates for home repairs. Upper Chi claims that very few permits are given out, but there's a new solicitor almost weekly. The big thing is lately is, "I'm not trying to sell you anything; this is just a free estimate". I used to call 9-1-1 because the township newsletter said to, but the dispatcher always asks why this is a problem: am I being threatened, etc. It was such a hassle to make the reports that I stopped doing it. It's not an emergency, simply a nuisance.
  • 775-999 Meetinghouse Rd Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Six inch speed bumps (4 of them) on the driveway entrance to Chi High School its totally ridiculous and not needed, also they are very damaging to a car's under carriage!