West Chester Public Works

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  • 116-126 E Biddle St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    The borough has condemned the garage at this address and the owner has not even cleaned up the pile of bricks or the pieces of broken bricks in the alley. Additionally, the entire front of the garage has become worse over the past week when the owner attempted to secure the falling roof by putting up a few 2x4s. I’m glad the borough is has posted the notice, but irate over the lack response by the owner.
  • 412 W Ashbridge St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    the road is a mess - uneven, potholes
  • 510 N Brandywine St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    Speed humps/stop signs are needed. Maybe even a speed limit sign would help. Street soon to be repaved, then it will be even more of the Indy 500. Borough says bumps cant be installed because of snow plows. I guess they have never been to Canada, Colorado, or most any other place that gets 100+ inches of snow and still has speed humps. I guess it will take a child to get hit by someone cutting through the area.
  • 477-499 N Brandywine St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    Large percentage of cars do not stop at this stop sign.
  • 622 S Matlack St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    For some reason, drivers feel the need to launch their cars from East Nields down Matlack as fast as they can, just to slam on their brakes at Linden. This happens at every block in West Chester but I live on this block halfway down and get to see this daily. I would propose the plastic/rubber speed bumps halfway through the block. These are a lot cheaper and easier to install then full asphalt speed humps and will do the job to slow drivers down mid way through the block. IF they choose to speed over these bumps, they will do more damage to their cars then not.
  • 501 W Biddle St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    So many people run this stop sign. There are many people that walk in the area. I hope no one gets hit
  • 1 S High St West Chester Pa 19382 - West Chester
    Contenuto bloccato da rifiuti.
  • 460-498 W Gay St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    it seems like the borough stops all paving, maintenance and plowing of gay street at New street. there are 50 new townhouses, in addition to residents already there, so this part of gay street sees a lot of traffic. they just repaved a small section at wayne, so i'm assuming there are no plans for the rest
  • Corner Of Chestnut And North Chucrch Street West Chester, PA - West Chester
    this light holds on green for the cars traveling w chestnut street , but for pedestrians walking up north church street to cross w chestnut it changes within a little over a minute so many times if a car runs a light n i have to stop n wait on it to pass i miss the enitre light, being disabled its timed so fast i have to rush across in the time it stays green
  • 444-498 N Walnut St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Close to the stop sign at the corner of North Walnut and East Marshall Street. Can cause serious damage to your car. Needs to be filled in or evened out somehow!!!!
  • S.New At S WayneSt., West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Parking west side of New blocks view to south. Also high speed between Rosedale and Sharpless
  • 700 Coates Street - West Chester
    The area between the house located at 700 coates street and the old store front going towards blackhorse road