West Chester Public Works

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  • 300-450 W Nields St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    This street is missing sidewalks and bike lanes. It's wide enough for both!
  • Strasburg Rd. & Downingtown Pike - West Chester
    Since they closed the back entrance to the East Bradford Shopping Center, traffic waiting to turn left from 162 to 322 has long lines that now block the intersection back at Miner Ave.
  • 2-10 W Barnard St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Traffic light needed at the intersection of Barnard Street and High Street
  • 207-299 E Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    It is getting to be impossible to pull out from Franklin onto Marshall. Traffic has gotten worse. The stop sign that was put in at Marshall and Matlack has spread the east bound traffic out so that there is not enough time to pull out from Franklin. The stop sign at Marshall and Matlack also causes West bound traffic to get backed up through the Hillside/Franklin/Marshall intersection. Now, there is a middle school bus stop at that corner in the morning. The kids make it impossible to see to pull out. And for their safety they need to be moved. Today, and the week of 12/10/11, I have seen 3 near misses when cars pulled out of Franklin causing cars on Marshall to slam on their brakes. Only a matter of time til a car slides, jumps the curb, and hits a kid. Please put up a stop sign. This intersection needed one before Matlack/Marshall AND Walnut/Marshall got one. It needed one 10 years ago.
  • 400-498 W Market St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    The builder of apartments on the 400 block of Market St. needs to properly repair the trenches dug months ago by paving to the existing street level. The present condition is a hazard to a vehicle's tires and wheels. It's criminal for the street to be left in the condition it is for such a lengthy period of time.
  • 300 North New Street West Chester, PA - West Chester
    !!It's been months since the neighbors in the 200-300 block of North New and the 300 block of West Washington Streets, have seen police patroling. I can't imagine that there is such an excess of crime in E. Bradford and W. Goshen, that they haven't taken a notice to this PROBLEM area. It needs attention!! Drug Central.
  • 129-199 W Rosedale Ave West Chester, PA 19383, USA - West Chester
    There are several crosswalks on the streets of WCU that I feel are unsafe. The two on Rosedale and one on New St. have yield to pedestrian signs. The problem is it is so dark it is very difficult to see the pedestrians walking across the street. It is wonderful to make the cars yield, but very unsafe that it is so dark. Please install brighter lights over these crosswalks to make it safer for pedestrians and drivers.
  • 700-702 S Brandywine St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    This intersection only has a 3 way stop. This is not obvious and it is hard to see the cars coming from the non-stopped road since it's a little askew from the intersection. It's very dangerous.
  • South Church Street Between University And Rosedale Avenues West Chester, PA 19383, USA - West Chester
    The street is horrible to travel on because of the many patch jobs rather than repaving
  • 131 W Gay St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    Building at 131 West Gay St is collapsing. See rear and sides of building. This will be the second building to collapse on Gay St.
  • 111 N High St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Between 8-11 at night you kids ranging from 14-19 years old gather by the garage, smoking litering and causing lots of noise. Dont know where your kid is? They are probably here.
  • Loud Drunks Archived
    250 E Chestnut St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    Loud drunks smoking outside Square Bar, and pouring out into the street at closing time.