West Chester Public Works

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  • 1-99 W Ashbridge St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    This is a four way intersection that has two stop signs on W and E Ashbridge. N/SHigh street/100 traffic has the right of way in both directions. WAshbridge is a thru street to Routes 322 and 162 and traffic on the West side of Ashbridge can be heavy and often backs up on that side as people try to move onto or cross High street/100 with the fast moving traffic. It is very difficult to cross High street with its heavy flow of traffic and/or turn in either direction. There have been many near misses and I am sure accidents at this intersection. Putting stop signs on High Street or traffic lights would also flow the speed of traffic on N/SHigh Street/100 down as that area is posted at 35 or less and many cars are doing well above the speed limit there. Something needs to be done before fatalities occur.
  • 104 N Wayne St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    N. Wayne between Gay and Hannum. Pavement has been patched after utility work, but patches are poorly done. Uneven, not flush with the road surface, and the joints between the patches and the old pavement are not sealed. If not done properly, the whole road surface will disintegrate this winter.
  • S Church St West Chester, PA 19383, USA - West Chester
    This segment of Church St. is one gigantic pothole with few bits of pavement left around it. For goodness sake, I have lived here for 4 years and the boro has not attempted any repairs since I ahve been here. You can actually see sand protruding from these craters, with the surface and the under-surface gone.
    Are the boro officials trying to discourage people from driving, is this why?
    For Pete's sake, we call ourselves one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. Is this what the boro roads look like in a wealth county, what's more, a county seat?
  • 406 E Miner St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    The abandon house at 406 E. Miner Street is falling down, pieces of the brick chimney are falling to the pavement. Rats have also been seen exiting and entering this house.
  • potholes Archived
    E Gay St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Gay Street and Market Street have more holes in them than Swiss cheese. If you want people to come downtown the streets need to be fixed.
  • 675 S Church St West Chester, PA 19383, USA - West Chester
    Road is plague with potholes of varies sizes, which can damage a vehicle.
  • traffic light Archived
    Route 322 Heading Into West Chester - West Chester
    A new light was added near RamT. It's a terrible place for a light that is on a curve and before and after a bridge with metal grates. Try slowing down on the bridge with metal grates. It's slippery! Not a great place for a light. Traffic gets backed up more so because of the light.
  • N Penn St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    We should be able to pay parking tickets via phone and internet. In this day and age, come on, get with it!!!
  • 412 E Miner St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    Icy road conditions all winter long - a house sump system empties into the road way
  • 400 E Miner St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    Large amount of snow remaining on both sides of the street, leaving no room for parking
  • broken roads Archived
    530 W Marshall St West Chester, PA - West Chester
  • 116-198 Sharon Alley West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    Whenever I drive my car through here, I scrape the nose of the car on the street. This big depression on the road needs to be filled in or something.