West Chester Public Works

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  • 20 South High West Chester, PA - West Chester
    every weekend loud drunks continue drinking in the upper level of the parking garage after the bars are closed. there is a lot of noise, fights and yelling. People are driving drunk away afterwards. the police should monitor this.
  • 102 W Barnard St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    No sign and no markings are posted. Borough arbitrarily enforces an obscure motor vehicle code that prohibits parking "within 30 feet of a stop sign." Officer Colon.
  • 120 124 W Prescott Alley West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    People use this ally as an actual road. Drivers are always cutting through going 30-40mph almost hitting pets/children. For the people who live in this ally and are trying to pull out of their garages, it is impossible to see cars coming from both directions. This ally needs to be turned back into a one-way or there needs to be mirrors put up along the ally so drivers can safely pull out of their garages. Also a speed limit sign of 10-15mph needs to be placed along the ally.
  • 500-598 W Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester

    Way too many times I witness disrespectable, clueless drivers, mostly drivers who do not live on West Marshall Street, drive up and down my street like it’s a speedway.
    We have 10 children within 50yds of each other that play here on their own front lawns and or their own driveways and these “people” have NO CLUE that they even exist. I even see people texting while they are driving on my street.

    All I am asking is to be more self conscience while driving down this street. Times are changing and we now have children on this block unlike a few years ago when it was only older people residing here.

    I would like to see some sort of attention grabbing sign such as “Kids At Play”, a slower Speed limit (15mph), or a speed bump here and there, to slow these people down before someone gets seriously injured.

    Thank you for your Time

  • 301-399 Bradford Ave West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    Driving north is like being on a roller coaster.
    This must have been repaired by an amateur crew after sewer lines were maintained.
  • 414 S Walnut St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    College residence in the apartment complex of 420 walnut street are very loud and obnoxious from 8pm-3am EVERY NIGHT
  • 2-24 Historic Route 100 West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Throughout the summer, the motorcycle noise present here was literally painful. As I walk Gay St., and am enjoying some food at a restaurant, all conversation must stop to allow these motorcycles to pass through. West Chester has noise ordinances that prohibit this, but it is not enforced. Let's start enforcing it!
  • 510 W Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    W Marshall and N Brandywine were prepped for repaving back in August. The surface was to settle for 10 days then top coat applied.
    Where is the finished surface! ????? The road is horrible and now there is more holes!
  • 422-498 N Walnut St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    The intersection of N. Walnut and E. Marshall St.s only has stops signs if you are on Walnut st. Motorists driving on Marshall street do not have a stop sign. Consistently this intersection is assumed to be a four way stop. I have lived near this corner for four years and I, along with my neighbors, see an average of one accident a month here. Another one happened tonight. People on N. Walnut street pull out in front of people traveling East or West and get t-boned very badly. One accident last summer even flipped a car over. Either the intersection needs to become a 4-way stop, or signs on Walnut street should read "Cross ing traffic does not stop" just like a the intersection of W. Miner and S. New. This is a simple fix to a recurring, deadly, problem.
  • All Of West Chester - West Chester
    How hard can it be for the codes dept to enforce repair of sidewalks ?
    They ARE the responsibility of the property owners
  • 304-398 E Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    Today, as a pedestrian was crossing in the pedestrian crosswalk between the hospital & medical buildings & she was almost hit by a blue honda accord!! Enough already!! The speed limit needs to be lowered, drivers do not stop for hospital/office personnel in the crosswalks & there have been many near misses, myself included!!! Lower the speed please & get some cops on that street!!! It's not the Indy 500!!!
  • 300-450 W Nields St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    This street is missing sidewalks and bike lanes. It's wide enough for both!