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  • 300 North New Street West Chester, PA - West Chester
    !!It's been months since the neighbors in the 200-300 block of North New and the 300 block of West Washington Streets, have seen police patroling. I can't imagine that there is such an excess of crime in E. Bradford and W. Goshen, that they haven't taken a notice to this PROBLEM area. It needs attention!! Drug Central.
  • 338-340 W Miner St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    A deep shoddy patch job in the road was not done right! Attention Penndot!
  • 10-100 Price Street West Chester, Pennsylvania - West Chester
    Incredibly dark and often very isolated at night. I recommend street lights!
  • 2-8 East Chestnut Street West Chester, Pennsylvania - West Chester
    Horrible intersection and needs to be re-paved
  • 121-199 Magnolia St West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    North side of Magnolia Street was not plowed even though from 8am to 11am on Wed is Street Cleaning. There were no cars parked there. Multiple WC Boro plows drove by and also a few front loaders but no not of them cleaned the street... and Magnolia Street is one block from the Public Works Dept.
  • 300 S. Adams Street west chester, pa 19382 - West Chester
    What is this smell? National Foam? or the sewage smell drifting from where ever down westtown road? EITHER WAY it needs to be fixed. It can't be healthy to breath whatever this is in. national foam needs to be reported to the health department or something
  • 501-699 State Highway 842 West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Chester
    From the beginning of the 500 block through the 600 block, W Miner becomes two ways. As soon as it begins 2 ways people take off speeding towards the stop sign at W Miner and S Bradford! Also, people speed onto W Miner coming into town. They need to make this either 1 way with parking on either side similar to the rest of Miner or put in speed bumps.
  • Rte 202 At 926 Southbound Lane West Chester, PA - West Chester
    In front of the CVS just after the crest of the hill, there's 2 adjacent potholes in the right lane. You can't swerve around them and you can't switch lanes at that point because its just past the intersection.
  • College Trash Archived
    34 S High St West Chester, PA - West Chester
    Public urination, loitering, and throwing up outside our bedroom window in the private alley every week.
  • Rt. 322 (Horseshoe Pike) At Hopewell/Bondsville Rd. - West Chester
    There are left turn lanes and traffic signals on Rt. 322 at Hopewell/Bondsville Rd's., but there are NO LEFT TURN ARROWS!!! For the better part of the day, the traffic volume makes it difficult at best to safely turn left from Rt. 322 onto Hopewell or Bondsville Rd's.
  • West Chester West Chester, PA - West Chester
    too many complainers in this area. deal with it.
  • @ 16 W. Washington St. West Chester, PA 19380, USA - West Chester
    W. Washington St. and School Alley. For months, yards and yards of cable have been coiled loosely at the base of this telephone pole and are connected to the top of the PECO telephone pole. This eyesore and potential hazard needs to be removed.