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  • 101-199 N 5 Points Rd West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    I have never understood why the speed limit is 25 for the length of this road. Too low.
  • N. Five Points Rd WC - West Goshen
    We get a left turn arrow from WC PIke onto Five Points; why not from Five Points onto WC Pike?
  • 'On' Ramps & 'Exit' Ramps From Rt. 202 To Rt. 3 - West Goshen
    I've almost been hit twice in the past 2 months, because other drivers do NOT pay attention to the YIELD signs. The city/state needs to make them bigger or more visible -somehow....That and other drivers really need to pay attention.
  • Paoli Pike And Airport Rd - West Goshen
    Today (Nov. 12, 2010) I witnessed yet ANOTHER accident at Airport Rd and Paoli Pike due to the need for left turn signals for cars turning onto Paoli Pike (from Airport rd or school entrance). I have personally seen 3 accidents myself this year alone. The majority of drivers using this entrance are high school, INEXPERIENCED, NEW drivers. Fix this before someone is critically injured West Goshen Township.
  • Turning light Archived
    733-741 Westtown Rd West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    when you are traveling South on 202 and get off of the Westtown Exit to make a left onto Westtown Road the light is too long! you can sit there waiting for 7 minutes or more! its very annoying!!!!! I've seen people blow the light which is also dangerous!
  • 1117-1135 E Market St West Goshen, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    Motorcyclists and people with loud cars insist on being as loud as possible on route 3 as they pass Golf Club Apartments. I myself have a baby who is constantly woken up by these show-offs. I don't know how they confuse this with a loudness contest but it certainly is not!
  • 202 South Paoli Pike Exit Ramp West Goshen, Chester County, PA - West Goshen
    The new concrete barrier on the exit ramp is so tall that cars exiting from Route 202 South cannot see the cars sitting on the ramp until they round the curve half-way.
  • 1072-1098 Little Shiloh Rd West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen
    This intersection at Westtown Rd & Little Shiloh/Falcon Ln absolutely needs a 4 way stop sign. Accidents happen so often due to the volume and speed cars travel around the bends on Westtown Rd. You take your life in your hands trying to make left turn off of Falcon!
  • West Chester Bypass West Chester, Pennsylvania - West Goshen
    the Lane closure at the 322 bypass exit is more dangerous the the reason for the closure
  • Rt. 3 And Kingsway Rd (At West Chester Diner) - West Goshen
    Dangerous intersection, between the apt. complex, the West Chester Diner, the veternarian, the bank, and storage facility, you have cars double parked in the medial strip trying to pull out, some making U-turns, poor visibility, traffic flying. There is going to be a tragic accident eventually.
  • W Chester Pike & U.S. 322 West Goshen, PA - West Goshen
    EVERY SINGLE day people come flying down this ramp and just turn into traffic without looking or slowing down. People just assume because they've turned their blinker on that they can just cut you off....it is a YIELD sign....meaning you YIELD to the flowing traffic until your are SAFE to MERGE in......There needs to be a police officer there especially during rush hour. They could sit in the cemetary entrance and make quota all day off the Aholes.
  • 2-78 Falcon Ln West Chester, PA 19382, USA - West Goshen