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The men and women in the Billerica Department of Public Works are proud to deliver many services that help maintain the high quality of life in our town, including:

Repairing, maintaining, plowing, and sweeping of streets and sidewalks in order to ensure that all public rights-of-way are safe and accessible at all times

Managing the Town's municipal water program, which includes the Water Treatment Plant and water distribution system

Managing the Town's municipal wastewater program, whi

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  • Mill And Turnpick Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
  • 298 Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Hello. The traffic light sensor at the end of Mill Rd on Billerica Rd is not sensitive enough to trip in the presence of a bicycle. This necessitates me going though the red ilght every morning which, given the amount of traffic on 129, is not a very safe thing to do. Can the sensitivity be increased so that I can trip the light and pull out onto 129 safely?
  • Curbing Archived
    29 State Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Hello, My daughter Libby and I would like to find out the steps we would need to take to advocate to have sidewalks extended up Mill Road from Raymond St. Thank you, Danielle
  • 269 Mill Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    pot holes, layer separation, ruts and sinking
    pipe openings near the new apartments on mill Road
  • Mill Street And Ma129 Intersection Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    The traffic light wait has an extremely long duration when turning into Mill road.
  • Wildes @ Boston Rd. Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Foul liquids are being dumped in Wildes Rd. @ Boston Rd. Greasy smelly mess for cars and pedestrians alike. Please check into it.
  • 195 Mill Rd Chelmsford 01824, United States - Chelmsford
    There are 3 construction projects going on surrounding my neighborhood. The Russel Mill construction/housing, the Turnpike Road housing, and the completion of construction at the end of Mill Rd/129. One, if not all, of these sites is consistently starting work before 7am, which is not allowed by law. I can’t tell you which one, but I can constantly hear it. This noise ordinance needs to be enforced, especially with 3 construction projects in one area. I’m sure they’ll tell you they are only starting equipment or only doing this or that, but the noise waking me and my kids is completely unnecessary. We will not spend all summer listening to construction noise that violates Town law. Please enforce this.
  • 101 Mill Rd Chelmsford 01824, United States - Chelmsford
    Illegal dumping located at the Murphy field parking lot.
  • 278 Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford

    When making a left turn from Mill Road on to 129, the traffic light has trouble identifying when a car is in the left turn lane. Two days in a row, the first car(note that it was a relatively small car) in the left-hand turn lane was partially in the center lane(his two right wheels were just over the line), but his car was 90% in the left turn lane. Both times, the traffic signal never identified that there were cars waiting to turn left, and we never received a green light. After about 4 cycles without a green, the car simply ran the red light, and then the signal turned green during the next cycle because I was in the middle of the left lane.
    While this is clearly the driver's fault, the traffic light sensor should probably be better at identifying cars in the left lane to prevent the dangerous situations it has caused.

    Please note: the image I am attaching is from google maps and is simply to provide a visual reference of the lane in question

  • Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    left hand signal not detecting cars to turn onto 129
    seen a few take a left on red. People waiting longer than usual.
  • Paving Archived
    Mill Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Appears as though a truck dumped a fair amount of pavement on Mill Rd as you travel from Russell Mill parking lot heading north on the road and then again on Turnpike Road.
  • Pothole Archived
    3 Brick Kiln Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    There are multiple very deep and unavoidable potholes on Brick Kiln Rd between Carleton and Carlisle streets . There used to be one causiing you to drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid it. Now there is another larger one on the opposite side of the road, and no matter where you drive you get one of them. They are hazardous. Thanks in advance.