Billerica Department of Public Works - Potholes

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The men and women in the Billerica Department of Public Works are proud to deliver many services that help maintain the high quality of life in our town, including:

Repairing, maintaining, plowing, and sweeping of streets and sidewalks in order to ensure that all public rights-of-way are safe and accessible at all times

Managing the Town's municipal water program, which includes the Water Treatment Plant and water distribution system

Managing the Town's municipal wastewater program, whi

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  • 330 Massachusetts 129 Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Lane lines around the 129/Rt3 interconnection(s) need to be repainted. They have nearly faded away, making it hard to know if you're in a lane or not.
  • 330 Billerica Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    The delay is excessive for the left hand turn signal at the intersection of Billerica Road and Mill Road. This is a particular problem late at night when there is no traffic. In the past, after rush hour, this turn signal was set to change when a vehicle pulled up to the light. Please return the signal to this setting.
  • 278 Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Left turn signal not working (two left turns onto Mill road), light should change when you pull up on the sensors. This hasn't changed for a few months.
  • 1 Bishop St Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    light has been out for a couple of months
  • Pothole Archived
    11 Brick Kiln Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    2 large potholes near 6-8 Brick Kiln Road
  • Curbing Archived
    1 Bishop St Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Hello, thank you for recently paving Bishop St! Just curious - the removal of the prior roadway and prep for new road has caused many lawns along Bishop St in need of loam and seeding. Will additional curbing be installed and/or loam and seeding by the town? Thank you.
  • 854-898 Middlesex Turnpike Billerica, MA 01821, USA - US Congressional District MA5
    Water flowing through neighbor yard and flooding my yard. Please address this before damage is done.
  • Pothole Archived
    1 Bishop St Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Hello, there are several potholes in front of 1 bishop st. It would be appreciated if these can be filled in. Thank you!
  • 17 Carleton Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    There is a large amount of water flowing out of the sewer manhole cover on Jennifer Lane.
  • 23 State Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Rotted large trees ready to fall
  • 4 Jennafer Ln Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Large amounts of water are overflowing from the sewer manhole at the bottom of Jennafer Ln.
  • Road kill Archived
    84 Bicknell Rd Billerica, MA 01821, USA - Pinehurst