Billerica Department of Public Works - Potholes

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The men and women in the Billerica Department of Public Works are proud to deliver many services that help maintain the high quality of life in our town, including:

Repairing, maintaining, plowing, and sweeping of streets and sidewalks in order to ensure that all public rights-of-way are safe and accessible at all times

Managing the Town's municipal water program, which includes the Water Treatment Plant and water distribution system

Managing the Town's municipal wastewater program, whi

Notified About

  • Pothole Archived
    Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Numerous potholes at sharp corner area of Mill Road (near Zoll)
  • Pothole Archived
    276 Mill Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Mill Rd has many potholes between Zoll and 129 where the road seems to be rapidly deteriorating.
  • 339-379 Billerica Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Traffic sign is lying on the ground.
  • 8 Brick Kiln Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - US Congressional District MA5
    I recently bought property on Brick Kiln Rd. I am shocked that the town has done nothing about the apparently abandoned house at 8 Brick Kiln. It looks like no one has been there in years, grass is 3 -4 feet high. Walking my dog I often see wildlife there. It is an eyesore and I feel a fire hazard or an attractive nuisance to squatters. At least if the yard were maintained it wouldn't look abandoned. Please look into this.
  • 3 South Row Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    tree branches need to be trimmed back from my house at 3 South Row Street
  • 35 Nashua Rd Billerica, MA 01862, USA - US Congressional District MA5
    Many potholes and very uneven road surface on most of Route 4/Nashua Rd, from North Rd in Bedford up until Chelmsford. Needs complete rehab!
  • Mill Rd/Vincent Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Please be aware of a red fox seen several times in the neighborhood during daylight hours
  • 269 Mill Rd Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    There are many potholes in this area in front of Zoll on Mill Road in Chelmsford.
  • Northwest Expy Billerica, MA 01821, USA - US Congressional District MA5
    For at least the last week, an excessive amount of water has been seeping out of the pavement on to Route 3 North about 1 mile before exit 28. It's occurring just before a bridge coming down the hill. The middle lane is starting to have an indentation because of the water. Looks like the beginnings of a sinkhole on Route 3 North.
  • 65 Elm Street Chelmsford, MA - US Congressional District MA5
    Large oak tree in front of house with many dead branches falling recently. Branches can land in street, hit cars, and on property, hit people.
  • Pothole Open
    68 Brick Kiln Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    On eastbound/northbound side.
  • 299 Turnpike Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Chelmsford
    Broken guardrail at the intersection of Turnpike Road and Mill Road.