Airmont Quality of Life Committee

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  • 100 Route 59 Airmont, NY, 10952 - Airmont
    There are allot of potholes near building 100 on route 59 in Airmont
  • 107-133 Nyack Turnpike Airmont, NY 10901, USA - Airmont
    The entire West Bound lane from Brookside to Park Ave is horrendous!
  • 2-10 Cragmere Rd Airmont, NY 10901, USA - Airmont
  • Pothole Open
    6 Fosse Court Monsey, NY - Airmont
    Pothole and pavement cracks in front of 6 Fosse Court
  • Intersection Rt 59/Airmont Road Airmont NY 10901, USA - Airmont
  • 409-415 New York 59 Airmont, NY 10952, USA - Airmont
    broken road, potholes all up Rt 59 to the Suffern border
  • Pot Hole Archived
    Route 59 Suffern, NY - Airmont
    Numerous pot holes
  • NO SERVICE Archived
    25 Edgebrook Lane Airmont, NY - Airmont
    no cell phone service at all
  • 40 S. Airmont Rd. 10901 USA - Airmont
    Every year this happens, why not put in a curb?
  • 241 279 Nyack Turnpike Airmont, NY 10901, USA - Airmont
    Mark 1 Real Estate is selling this land. They should contact the owner who should remove the trash. Most are Walmart and ShopRite bags. The owner has been negligent for YEARS! They ought to be fined.
  • Amundsen Lane suffern, NY - Airmont
    Really annoying. Been like this for years.
  • SPEEDING! Archived
    Haskell Ave Airmont, NY - Airmont
    Cars continually drive over the speed limit on Haskell Avenue - especially those drivers using it as a cut-through to Bon Aire or a short cut to their jobs at the Ramapo Manor Nursing Home!