Township of Clinton Township

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  • 33900 33998 Harper Ave Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    Harper needs to be fixed. The road is full of craters from Quinn road south to 13 mile.
  • 15200-15220 Hall Rd Macomb, MI 48044, USA - Clinton Township
    No Turn On Red sign on north bound Hayes at M-59 needs to be removed. This would free up a lot of morning traffic.
  • 15201-15247 Canal Rd Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    The traffic is always backed up on Canal trying to get on Hayes. Between the light at the BP station and the light @ 19 mile no one can really can turn right ...
  • 33541-33915 Kelly Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    Should consider blinking yellow arrow for left turn off M-97 onto Kelly. M-97 green is extraordinarily long and during many hours of the day there is little traffic. One has to sit there (burning gas) when there are no cars coming. However, I must say that other than the above, this intersection is very innovative.
  • The turn-around lights on 16 mile are not in operation and now it is near impossible to make turn-arounds when traffic is heavy. It sure was a stupid idea to turn these lights off.
  • 1-39 S Groesbeck Hwy Mt Clemens, MI 48043, USA - Clinton Township
    Only 5 to 6 southbound cars can get thru on a short green light. Takes me an average of 10 minutes to get through this light every day!!!
  • 15 Mile And Garfiled Fraser, MI - Fraser
    when making a left turn from south bound garfield to east bound 15 mile road the yellow blinking light does not work , i sit at that intersection every am with very little north bound garfield traffic waiting for the arrow to allow me to make a left turn , when the arrow does allow a turn, only 3 cars can turn
  • Little Mack Dr Clinton, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Small stretch of Little Mack off of Weybridge, between Weybridge and Kroger store needs replacement or major repair desperately. Major potholes so big they use a shopping cart to put in the holes to mark them.
  • 39490 Old Dominion - Clinton Township
    within one mile of my home there are at least 4 spots where police regularly just sit and wait for speeders or seat-belt violations. We just had a brutal multiple homicide in Clinton Township, shouldn't they be on patrol rather than looking to fill the township coffers?
  • light Archived
    20388 Villa Grande Circle - Clinton Township
    there needs to be a traffic light, north side and south side of Hall, at heydenreich
  • 17901 Metropolitan Pkwy Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    The light at Moravian and 16 Mile Rd. The issue is that when driving on Moravian, north or south.. the light at 16 Mile Rd is timed very long when red. I sat there twice going south at 16 Mile, and timed the red light for 2 minutes.. WAY TOO LONG. The timing needs some tweeking. By the way, 16 Mile is just great, good job on rebuilding the road..