Township of Clinton Township

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  • 43555-43569 Dalcoma Dr Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    With more traffic coming out of Dalcoma and attempting to merge onto Hall, a light is needed because of the heavy M59 traffic.
  • 39010 S Groesbeck Hwy Charter Township Of Clinton, MI - Clinton Township
    Clinton Twp. Fire Dept. using fire trucks to shop at Meijers and Krogers on Groesbeck Hwy. several times a week.
  • 20301-20599 Metropolitan Pkwy Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township

    As over-cautious as MDOT or the road commission typically are in regards to proper signage, I can't believe the poor job that been allowed with the partial opening of Metroparkway.

    Going Westbound, for a few days this week the former right turn lane crossing Groesbeck was open to through traffic. A day later, it's closed, with no signage to warn of it.

    For a couple weeks now, Eastbound traffic crossing Groesbeck must shift because the left lane is closed before Groesbeck and the the right lane vanishes after Groesbeck. There are NO signs to warn of this, and there's a couple dashes on the road that hint at what's going on, but not until you're on top of them.

    Why not open the left lane here 500' before Groesbeck and shift traffic BEFORE crossing Groesbeck.

  • light Archived
    20388 Villa Grande Circle - Clinton Township
    there needs to be a traffic light, north side and south side of Hall, at heydenreich
  • 39490 Old Dominion - Clinton Township
    within one mile of my home there are at least 4 spots where police regularly just sit and wait for speeders or seat-belt violations. We just had a brutal multiple homicide in Clinton Township, shouldn't they be on patrol rather than looking to fill the township coffers?
  • 19856 Metropolitan Pkwy Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    The Michigan Left Turnarounds that were created after Metro Parkway were redone are very dangerous. They are much smaller and squared off than the previous turnarounds, which leads to people underestimating the new angle of the turn, and driving onto the median.
  • 19422 Opal Clinton Twp mi - Clinton Township
    beaconsfield should be widened from 14 mile to 15 mile. the road is in adequate, and makes the whole area look like DETROIT. clinton twp. also needs to have someone do blight inspections to clean this area up, it is a disgrace, and the people should be held accountable.
  • 40445 Grosebeck Macomb, MI - Clinton Township
    People leaving Meijer, wanting to turn northbound on Grosebeck have very little time to complete their turn. With Cass Ave. being closed, the traffic heading west on Church street makes it difficult for cars exiting the Meijer parking lot. There needs to be a timing change or a left turn signal for the Meijer exit and/or Church Street
  • 41317 Dunboyne Cir Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    The entire subdivision's roads are in complete dis-repair. Clinton Twp claims it is not their responsibility, Macomb County claims it only repairs roads and ours they say are beyond repair. Their only solution? The only way they will repair is if the residents pay for it themselves. This is our tax dollars at work...
  • 35001-35099 Little Mack Ave Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    Waiting on Little Mack at 15 mile at 6:30 am takes way too long. This light should at least be blinking or set to be quicker until 7:00 am. I'm sure the Shell station and Bunzo's hate people cutting through, but a lot of people do it because it's quicker then waiting when no traffic is coming from either direction on 15 mile.
  • 34200-34498 Clinton Plaza Dr Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    This is a very hiugh drug area,plus alot of fighting, sexual acts going on in parking lot, finding used condoms in the parking lots and the commons areas where the kids and people walk, Kids running around outside without parents present.
  • 23000-23096 Iroquois St Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Iroquois is the posted detour for Wellington Crescent that is closed over the Clinton River. It is in terrible shape and if this is going to be the detour through the summer, something needs to be done before someone loses a car in some of the chuckholes!!!