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  • 16 Mile Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    why is this light always blincking red in the morning rush? At 6:30am it is very dangerous trying to get onto 16 mile! fix this now!!
  • Michigan 3 Clinton, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Somthing needs to be done about the geese that hang out at this intersection. Someone is going to get rear ended why they wait for these geese to cross the street
  • 41221 Little Rd Clinton, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Try making a left turn onto Cass....could be your last left turn if your not careful...or you sit there for a long time.
  • Donahue Clinton Township, MI - Clinton Township
    Donahue between 17 mile and Terra Bella needs to be repaved. The pavement is crumbling, very uneven and creates a major safety hazard. We've been living with this issue for the past several years.
  • 35001-35099 Little Mack Ave Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    Waiting on Little Mack at 15 mile at 6:30 am takes way too long. This light should at least be blinking or set to be quicker until 7:00 am. I'm sure the Shell station and Bunzo's hate people cutting through, but a lot of people do it because it's quicker then waiting when no traffic is coming from either direction on 15 mile.
  • 23800-24060 Shook Rd Clinton, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    For as long as i can remember there was a no left turn sign at shook and harper. Why is that sign gone? I have seen two accidents at that stop sign just recently. It was there for a purpose so why did they change it. It's dangerous, put the darn sign back,PLEASE!
  • 23000-23096 Iroquois St Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Iroquois is the posted detour for Wellington Crescent that is closed over the Clinton River. It is in terrible shape and if this is going to be the detour through the summer, something needs to be done before someone loses a car in some of the chuckholes!!!
  • 16653 16799 15 Mile Rd Clinton, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    when turning off 15 mile south bound onto east bound garfield left turn light only lets 2-3 cars thru
  • Penrod Drive - Clinton Township
    Speed limit is 25. Tired of people going 50 mph down our street. Have tried to get someone to do something about this multiple times with no results. I'm afraid it's going to take someone getting hit by a car before anything is done.....
  • Canal At Romeo Plank Clinton Township, MI - Clinton Township

    As of 9/29/10, the intersection of Canal and Romeo Plank is CLOSED for renovation and installation of a new roundabout. The intersection is to be closed for at least 30 days, up to 45 days.

    This is being posted because apparently everyone is too busy to read a road sign today and drive towards the intersection, realize it's closed, and turn their vehicles around in an "I'm just learning to drive" fashion. Digital signs warn you of this at Canal/Garfield, Romeo Plank/Clinton River, Canal/Clinton River, and Romeo Plank/Cass.

  • Corner Of Harrington And Moravian - Clinton Township
    In the morning, the traffic congestion at the corner is so bad that no one can turn left onto Harrington without risking an accident. Once the light turns red, cars turning left can't because all the oncoming right turners don't stop.
  • 40000 Romeo Plank - Clinton Township
    This road is horrible!!! Please repair it soon. It is a teeth-rattling drive.