Township of Clinton Township

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  • 37474-37508 Charter Oaks Blvd Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Falling apart to the point that a so-called "patch" cannot in any way be of any value.
  • 40000 Romeo Plank - Clinton Township
    This road is horrible!!! Please repair it soon. It is a teeth-rattling drive.
  • Penrod Drive - Clinton Township
    Speed limit is 25. Tired of people going 50 mph down our street. Have tried to get someone to do something about this multiple times with no results. I'm afraid it's going to take someone getting hit by a car before anything is done.....
  • Corner Of Harrington And Moravian - Clinton Township
    In the morning, the traffic congestion at the corner is so bad that no one can turn left onto Harrington without risking an accident. Once the light turns red, cars turning left can't because all the oncoming right turners don't stop.
  • Canal At Romeo Plank Clinton Township, MI - Clinton Township

    As of 9/29/10, the intersection of Canal and Romeo Plank is CLOSED for renovation and installation of a new roundabout. The intersection is to be closed for at least 30 days, up to 45 days.

    This is being posted because apparently everyone is too busy to read a road sign today and drive towards the intersection, realize it's closed, and turn their vehicles around in an "I'm just learning to drive" fashion. Digital signs warn you of this at Canal/Garfield, Romeo Plank/Clinton River, Canal/Clinton River, and Romeo Plank/Cass.

  • 36800 Garfield Clinton Township Mi - Clinton Township

    The very Busy & Successful Randazzo's market has 2 driveways/ exits that empty on to Garfield

    many times a day, people RISK trying to navigate and go across three lanes to turn left & go Southbound on Garfield

    these Exits are way to close to Metro parkway and Moravian to "SAFELY" accomplish this

    the wise move would be to exit onto Moravian & use the turn lanes /signals

    Future Fatality...

  • 16653 16799 15 Mile Rd Clinton, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    when turning off 15 mile south bound onto east bound garfield left turn light only lets 2-3 cars thru
  • Garfield Road Clinton Township , Michigan - Macomb Township
    Garfield road needs to be resurfaced period! Cold patch is just ruining out cars and causing a dangerous situation with the stones flying into our windshields!
  • 16491 Ventura Clinton Twp. - Clinton Township
  • 39000-39198 Moravian Dr Clinton Township, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    With the traffic flow increasing, there should be a left turn arrow for south bound Moravian turning onto eastbound Harrington.
  • 38301-38399 Garfield Rd Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    Something has happened to the two lights at the Garfield & Clinton River Road intersection (the one right in the intersection and the one just west of the fire station). The green light you see if you are headed eastbound on Clinton River changes so fast to red that you have no chance of getting through the intersection if you are stopped at the light near the fire station.
  • 41001-41175 Garfield Rd Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township

    Sometimes, it take ten minutes to traverse southbound down Garfield, from 18 Mile to Metro Pkwy, because of precedence given to less traveled, east/west traffic flow on 17 Mile, Clinton River Road, and Millar. This is totally preposterous to allow a main artery, such as Garfield to be choked with traffic because of Road Commission's ineptitude in giving traffic light precedence to those lesser traveled roads!

    How about doing taxpayers a favor and fix this mess and also become ecologically prudent in fixing light synchronization so the most anyone has to travel between M59 and Metro Pkwy is 5-10 minutes, instead of 15 to 20!

    Lastly, fix the blasted left turn lights at Garfield and Canal before someone is killed! Either have the left turn arrow on in the beginning of traffic flow at all times, or at the end at all times! People are unsure when they will have the right of way to turn, thanks to the botched up synchonization. Fix this too, Road Commission!