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  • 1070 Taylor Drive Folcroft - Folcroft
    there are alot of stray cats on our block we get no help from animal control or our bourgh now people are poising them n also shooting them if we feed them we get fined if we turn them in to animal control we get fined no one will help i also emailed erickson from channel 3 it is sad to watch the nursing mothers starve nand to see them abused this is animal cruelty at its worse the spca told me to contact mr luca from your paper and said he may be able to help thank you nancy sweeney 6103484689
  • 800-998 Delview Dr Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    In the alleyway of the 800-900 block of Delview Drive there has been a stream running down the alley for over 10 YEARS. The borough has promised to fix this problem but 10 YEARS later the problem still exists. During the winter the alleyway is a sheet of ice, during the summer it is a stream complete with algae.
  • Folcroft Avenue Bridge - Folcroft
    This bridge has been out for almost 20 years. I live on a 1 way street just before this bridge and my street becomes a race way for police fire ambulance school buses, you name it. Once they find out that the bridge is out they all come down the street the WRONG WAY.......... Only the residents of this street do 25 everyone else does at least 40. The township refuses to fix our street from wear and tear due to excessive travel on it.
  • Mac Dade Blvd And Ashland Avenue Needs A Left Turning Arrow - Folcroft
    Mac Dade and Ashland Avenue need a turning lane. There isa a lot of traffic on Mac Dade.When you go through the light there are card parked on the right and then 2 lanes are getting into one. It's a bad intersection .
  • Glen Ave Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    Folcroft Ave. RR bridge has been closed off for years. Doesn't look like it will ever be repaired and re-opened. Consequently, a lot of the traffic cuts thru our driveway...many speed thru not caring about kids, people, cars, etc. We now have found the boro says it is Watson Rd. (It use to be Ave. C a paper street on the map). What can be done about the traffic (e.i. cars, truck, mail man, ice cream man, school buses, etc.) We (home owners have to pay to keep this "driveway" in repair or we are fined.).
  • Traffic Light Archived
    700-898 Primos Ave Darby Township, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    Light turning left from Primos Ave to Hook Rd going towards Philadelphia only allows a car or two through then makes you wait an excessive amount of time for the next light.
  • 818-868 Taylor Dr Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    Last winter the water dept. dug up most of Taylor Drive and did a really poor job of repaving. Grooves in the road are going to cause an accident as this is a very highly traveled road in both directions.
  • 2015 - 2017 Ravenwood Folcroft, PA - Folcroft
    This street light has been out for a few months. PECO cannot fix the light until the home owners cut the tree. The homeowners must cut this tree as soon as possible. It is very dark there at night without this street light.
  • 860 Bennington Road Folcroft Pa - Folcroft
    Run for you lives! There is a monstrous car-eating pothole in the alleyway of Bennington Road on the Taylor Drive side. This pothole makes it impossible to drive through the alley with all four tires still intact. Don't be alarmed, as there is usually ample space in the driveways in front of this beast to navigate around it. However, during times of snow build-up, it is impossible to see the pothole to drive around it. As a side not, reports of stolen trashcans in the area can be attributed to curious passersby tossing them in to gauge the depth of the crater.
  • 601-699 Summit Ln Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    Cars are parking in front of the sidewalk handicap "dips". Primarily the areas of Valleyview Drive, Ravenwood and Summit Avenue in Folcroft
  • Delmar Dr & Talyor Dr FOLCROFT, PA - Folcroft
    a cop needs to sit a watch every car that come up TAYLOR DR stop on the other side of stop sign. and you will be turning an you get the feeling that they are not stoping and are going to plow right into you . this is going to happen if it has not already
  • Warwick Ave Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    For more than a year the house has been knocked down but the garage which is in bad shape and smells to high heaven mostly of cat urine. The smell hits you even when you drive by,,,for get walking by it. The stench is so bad that it stays with you. The people on the right keep such a lovely home and the house on the other side have their up for sale. The area where the house was knocked down is over grown.