Tredyffrin Township Traffic Committee

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  • 1504-1556 Russell Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Police cars come through here doing 45mph all the time and then have the nerve to pull people over. These police who are abusing there authority need to be held accountable.
  • 900-976 King Of Prussia Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Either, add a stop light or have 4 way stop signs at this intersection. It's extremely dangerous.
  • 200-300 E Swedesford Rd Wayne, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    The new speed bumps in the Gateway Shopping Center are too high. They severely restrict travel. Drivers have to stop before crossing them or risk car damage and possibly damage to their skulls if they bounce too high. They are a completely unnecessary, onerous addition to the parking lot. I will stop shopping there is they are not removed.
  • 1000 N. Valley Road/1800 W. Swedesford Road - Tredyffrin Township
    The intersection of Swedesford and North Valley Roads has been a risk to travelers for many years. Local government rejected PennDOT funding for a solution that would also have improved traffic flow. On 9/17/2010 an accident led to a driver airlifted to a Trauma Center in critical condition.
    UPDATE: March 2011. The Township, PennDOT and local residents are working on improvements - signage, road markings, rumble strips. Let's see what transpires.
  • 1800 E. Lancaster Ave And Route 252 N - Paoli
    A left turn arrow is needed to make turning from Route 252 onto E. Lancaster Ave(Route 30) easier.
  • 1-17 Pennsylvania 252 Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    Intersection of route 30 and 252 in Paoli
  • Rt. 202 PA 19087 - Tredyffrin Township
    Left seam of center lane has a large pothole
  • 38-40 W Bridge Ave Berwyn, PA 19312, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Traffic backs up due to too short a cycle especially during school traffic.
    Many cars ignore the red signal because of the long wait.
  • 23-39 Leopard Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    This is a long term fix. The pillar at the railroad @ RT252 should be eliminated. The traffic bottles up going from two lanes to one lane. This would allow traffic a much needed less tie up
  • 1-17 Leopard Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    I'm not sure who will take care of this, but the underpass for SEPTA looks like it will fall apart any day now.
  • 2-24 Maple Ave Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Their is a stop sign at Russell Rd and Maple Ave . I have made several complaints and have got nowhere . The motorist blow through the stop sign . Their is a park and bus stop right at this location and the local police and township seems fit to ignore the issue .
  • 254-342 Bearhill Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    At the intersection of 252 south and Maple Ave, there should be a "do not block intersection" sign, and a left-turn only sign for the left lane of 252 south, just before it goes under the underpass. If people on 252 south wouldn't block the intersection (which is illegal), and wouldn't try to merge from 2 lanes to one while in the intersection, it would be safe to make a legal left turn from Maple Ave onto 252 south. By having the left lane be for left hand turns only for about 100 feet, it would be safer to turn into Friendship Park and Maple Avenue, and people would be forced to merge before they are in the middle of the intersection.