Tredyffrin Township Traffic Committee

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  • 750 E Swedesford Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Trying to turn left onto Swedesford Road before 7:00 a.m., the traffic lights remain red too long for the amount of traffic at that time.
  • U.S. 202 Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    To turn left onto Rt 202 in the early morning from Swedesford Road, the left turn light should not stay red after the initial cycle but allow cars to turn if traffic is clear. There is not that much traffic before 7:30 a.m. and the wait for the light to cycle completely to allow a left turn is far too long.
  • 701 705 W Valley Rd wayne, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    Electric/ Telephone Pole down. Traffic detoured around West Valley at Pugh.
  • 24 E Central Ave Paoli, PA - Paoli
    A Big Tree down and block the E Central Ave, Paoli, cause power outages.
  • 22 Hollow Rd Paoli, PA - Paoli
    There is a tree that has fallen across the road and it is sitting on power lines. It is blocking access to the last house on the street. Several people have already tried clearing this large tree even without PECO assistance.
  • Downed tree Archived
    Central Avenue paoli, PA - Paoli
  • 1-273 E Conestoga Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Seems like this road gets worse every day. Under the one-lane bridge, the roadway has multiple deep potholes.
  • Congestion Archived
    1800-1810 Swedesford Rd Malvern, PA 19355, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    they need to put a light in here, there are so many people that turn left, a light would be more efficient and keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • 1235 Upper Gulph Rd Radnor, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    A stretch of the shoulder about 50 yards long has fallen away due to erosion and the edge of the road itself also falling away and unsafe. There is a large drop off into a nasty little ditch caused by the erosion.
  • 2510-2548 Swedesford Rd Malvern, PA 19355, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    There is a very deep pothole on Swedesford Rd heading east right before Cedar Hollow Rd. It's been there for a couple of weeks and with the volume of traffic that drives this road daily it is going to cause major damage if a car hits it.
  • 424-446 Devon Park Dr Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    The light is too short and should rest green on Old Eagle School and red on Devon Park Drive.
  • 2476 Swedesford Rd Malvern, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    There is a dangerous pot hole right at the entrance of 2476 Swedesford Rd. The hole is approx. 1 1/2' wide by 1' deep. If you hit it you will seriously damage your car/tire.