Tredyffrin Township Traffic Committee

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  • Pothole Open
    1101 Drummers Lane Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Large pothole on Swedesford Rd at the intersection of drummers La.
  • Potholes Archived
    983-1099 North Valley Forge Road Berwyn, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    GIANT, ridiculous potholes that need desperate/immediate attention
  • 600-798 Devon State Road Devon, PA 19333, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Many many pot holes on this stretch of road!
  • 601-691 State Route 1013 Wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    There are several large potholes at this location which encompas an entire land of traffic forcing drivers to swerve into the opposing traffic lane to avoid them
  • 683-697 Cedar Hollow Road Paoli Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township

    The traffic light at the intersection of North Cedar Hollow and Vanguard Blvd is malfunctioning. It turns red (for traficc on Cedar Hollow road) about every 25 seconds even when there is absolutely No traffic on Vanguard Blvd.
    This is very annoying. And is a traffic hazard because the traffic on Cedar Hollow Rd try to beat the light. And it wastes a lot of fuel and causes additional polution by forcing traffic to stop and re-accelerate.

    Prior to a few months ago,, the light only turned when it detected vehicles on Vanguard Blvd , which is a much better solution and setup.

    The problem also delays schools buses a lot.

    10/03/17 Problem is now intermittent. Sometimes seems OK,, Sometimes the problem returns.
    Problem can be closed for now.

  • 1640 Yellow Springs Road malvern, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Township
    many pot holes especially at N Valley Rd right at the one lane across the bridge where one car can go at a time.
  • 1615 Russell Road Paoli, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    People regularly use Russell Road as a short-cut, speeding through this area. This is a residential area, with lots of kids, busy school bus stops, and people out walking/running. It would be great to have enforcement or one of those speed monitoring signs.
  • Route 202 Wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    the 76 East ramp onto 202 South in King of Prussia/Wayne has several speed bumps created by patch filling along the concrete seams that stand a few inches tall. making it worse is rain, snow and cars hitting them have caused the patch fill to fall away creating holes again. who is responsible for this sloppy road work and when will it be fixed. the same issue exists in several areas along the entire stretch of 202 between Chesterbrook and KoP on both the North and South sides.
  • 1165 Valley Forge Road Wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    The arrow at this light for turning onto the southbound ramp of 202 turns yellow almost immediately, maybe long enough for 1-2 cars to clear the intersection before people behind them start to run it. Needs to be extended by at least one or two seconds.
  • 1001 Chesterbrook Blvd Berwyn, PA 19312, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    Approaching 252 on Swedesford, the 2 lane road becomes 3 lanes and just as it does so, all lane lines are missing. There is no evidence of which original lane goes straight across 252, leading to many near accidents with cars and school buses.
  • East Swedesford Road Wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    You have to straddle the 2 lanes exiting 422 east to 202 south
    onto the swedesford road exit
    the road in pot holed' up I guess from the weather.
  • Old Eagle School Road And Devon Park Drive Berwyn, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township