Tredyffrin Township Traffic Committee

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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-05-18

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 23-39 Leopard Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    This is a long term fix. The pillar at the railroad @ RT252 should be eliminated. The traffic bottles up going from two lanes to one lane. This would allow traffic a much needed less tie up
  • 1250 West Swedesford Road - Tredyffrin Township
    The light controlling traffic turning from the 202 N of ramp to travel west on Swedesford used to be triggered only when traffic was present. Now it cycles automatically, holding up Swedesford Road traffic needlessly. Wasted time and gas and yet more global warming.
  • 201-1799 U.S. 30 Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    When traveling on Rt 252 to Lancaster Ave and making a left turn, it is so dangerous to make a left turn because it is blind. The cars turning left facing you completely block your view of oncoming traffic.
  • 2476 Swedesford Road Malvern, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    Penndot is creating a new entrance/exit for Chesterfield Pkwy and is installing a new light. The timing is all wrong and when you get a red on Cedar Hollow Rd you have to wait a very long time when there are no cars coming. Need to change timing or add sensor so it changes with flow of traffic/volume
  • 582 Upper Gulph Rd-Tredyffrin Public Library Strafford, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    Driving out of Tredyffrin Public Library is dangerous. On coming traffic cannot be seen when making a left or right turn. It's all guess work.
  • Pennsylvania 252 Tredyffrin, PA - Tredyffrin Township
    sinkhole growing in lefthand lane of 252 N at Cassatt Rd.
  • 12 North Valley Road Paoli, PA - Paoli
    There needs to be enforcement of the "Do Not Enter" sign at the Exit of the Paoli Train Station (inbound side). People entering there do not look carefully enough to make sure there is not a car (or bus!) approaching the exit to leave.
  • POT HOLES Archived
    East Central Ave Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
  • Intersection Of Swedesford And West Valley Road (Northbound) - Tredyffrin Township

    This intersection (as one EXITS the Gateway Shopping center) serves primarily as place to allow local residents to proceed home (east of 202 north expressway) or for employees or visitors to the area to go up the ramp to 202 northbound.

    RARELY, does a left hand turn occur here and because of the current EXCLUSIVE LEFT HAND TURN lane, others have to sit waiting for those who want to proceed straight ahead.

  • Maple Avene And 252 Paoli, PA - Paoli
    Cars on 252 are constantly blocking the intersection here, making it difficult to turn from Maple Avene onto 252. In addition, left lane on 252 Sot should be turned into a "left turn only lane" just before this intersection
  • 106 Darby Rd Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    The snow pile here blocks the view for cars turning both right and left off Craig Ave onto Darby Rd. This is a bad enough turn as is, with cars flying up the hill and around the curve on Darby Rd, but it's at the point now where you just have to hope that no one is going to hit you when you make your turn.
  • Chesterbrook Blvd Chesterbrook, PA 19087, USA - Chesterbrook
    On Chesterbrook Blvd, from Rt 252 back to the shopping center, the lights are out. It's 1 mile of lights, and very dark.