Tredyffrin Township Traffic Committee

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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-05-18

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Old Eagle School Road wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    Roads are very band at light by the business development of EVole
    Every year u half @#$% patch not making a complete square of large area to resolve the issues.
    It’s very bad and it is known to look that way for sometime now as you come out the business of Evolve all the way to the light and under the bridge
    Patching holes does not fix the issues
    It’s the whole entire area
  • 52 Crestline Road Wayne, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    large pothole
  • 1101-1113 Thomas Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    street light is broken.
  • Swedesford Road And Chesterbrook Berwyn, Pennsylvania - Tredyffrin Township
    I work at 801 cassatt road and coming from 580 lewis road, king of Prussia, taking the septa bus 124 and getting of at the big intersection. When I tried to push button to cross, the traffic never said walk. It did not go green pedestrians. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible very dangerous to cross.
  • 1074 Old Lancaster Rd Berwyn, PA 19312, USA - Tredyffrin Township

    25 MPH speed limit blatantly ignored by many. Neighborhood isn't safe for children or pets.

    Start ticketing or install speed bumps!

  • 1110-1132 Old Lancaster Rd Tredyffrin, PA 19312, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    It would help with speeding issues on this road and, it would stop screeching breaks and fender benders that occur when a speeder is behind someone who slows down to turn onto Revere Rd.
  • 447–467 Devon Park Dr Wayne 19087, United States - Tredyffrin Township
    Streets are bad pot holes broken pavements and patched up in a bad way. It’s the reason y u patch the same areas every year because it’s not done properly. It’s a quick fix till it gets worst. Part of Devon Park was repacked but not the entirety. How half @#$% is that. It’s the streets not patch work. Do ur job entirely. The whole area even in front of Evolve. It’s a bad area
  • 18 E Lancaster Ave Paoli, PA 19301, USA - Paoli
    Left turn traffic light is bent so that the traffic in the left hand turn cue cannot see it
  • Yellow Springs Road Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Township
    Potholes everywhere - please fix these dangerous obstacles!
  • 17 Leopard Road Paoli, Pennsylvania - Paoli
    Driver pulled in and parked in Fire Lane for over 10 minutes right under a posted Fire Lane / No Parking / Tow Away zone. Parking lot was empty.
  • 468 Maynard Drive Wayne - Tredyffrin Township
    The lights on Devon Park Drive at Warner Road and Old Eagle School need to be fixed so that traffic on Old Eagle School and Warner Road flows better on weekends and nights.
  • 1-99 Howellville Rd Berwyn, PA 19312, USA - Tredyffrin Township
    The street sign for Orchard Way is VERY misleading here. It looks like the sign is on Cassatt Road, and people that are not familiar with the area will be confused. The sign should be moved east at least a few feet, possibly on the opposing traffic pole.