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Shore Drive Community Coalition area

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  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    N Great Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, USA - Northeast
    There needs to be a stop light at this intersection of North Great Neck and Lynnhaven Dr. I was nearly in 3 accidents in the last week at this intersection with cars waiting to turn onto Great neck. Cars also creep past the stop line into the intersection when waiting to turn onto or cross Great Neck. Pedestrians and cyclists are not visible when turning onto Lynnhaven Dr. and with the new residential development being built the problem is only going to get worse and more dangerous. It's only a matter of time before someone is going to be seriously injured or worse.
  • 2408 Pleasure House Rd Virginia Beach, VA - Northwest

    Just verified Storm Drain on East side of Pleasure House Rd from Judge Lane to Bel Aire Avenue “DO NOT DRAIN”, they are always 75% to 90% full.
    The Drain on the West Side of Pleasure House about 50% Full. All the drainage ditches need to be cleaned from Powell’s Point Rd. To Lookout Rd.

    These drains have continued to be clogged and one of the main reasons the streets flood,

    Appreciate your assistance in advance for your help in resolving these issues, as you have with others we have reported.

    Tom Steet

  • Sand Pine Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Tree Debris (leaves etc) in end of road circle or cul de sac Northside due to overhanging trees or vegetation from Pubklic Property along foot path from Sand Pine RD to Cape Henry foot path. Street sweepers keep FAILING to get it cleaned up due to Trees that are overhanging (overgrown) need to be cut back to allow sweeper vehicle to get up to curb. Debris keeps washing down raod to storm drains causing other issues
  • Other Archived
    2314 Page Ct Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    Public beach access easement appeared to be closed due to condo fire over a year ago. Would like to know when it will be reopened. Location is to the east of Page Court.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2600 Admiral Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Large sinking area in the middle of the intersection of Admiral Drive and First Landing. An adjacent flood gate has been installed recently, so might be water leak below causing the pavement to sink?
  • 3300–3336 Shore Dr Virginia Beach 23451, United States - Virginia Beach city
    Trash can either needs to be added to pickup route or removed completely
  • 2488 Bayview Ave Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    City allows parking on both sides of Bayview Avenue. However, the street is not wide enough for parking on both sides. This poses a public safety hazard as the street becomes impassable to fire trucks and ambulances. Attached is a photo of the school bus being unable to pass through. Please address parking on Bayview Avenue to avoid life safety issues that may arise.
  • 4533 Lee Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    There has been a pile of trash in front of this house for weeks. Not sure if it is a city issue or private citizen issue. Most likely rats or other critters will find refuge there.
  • 2327 Sandollar Ct Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    2 dumpsters Full for weeks parked at intersection of Ocean Shore and Ebbtide . Vehicle parked in front of one blocking capabilities to pickup. No owner found, been parked for weeks unmoved. Waldon resident with no known information. Trash has been causing a mess with high wind area from storms, and a major safety concern for people driving around area and cannot see past dumpsters for clear traffic, pedestrian crosswalk.
  • Seaview Ave And Lee Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Grass is about a foot high and needs mowing on city property. This was previously mowed on a schedule as was the part at pleasure lake off of Lookout past pleasurehouse road. Now it seems as though we have to report it as needing mowing to get it cared for. Please cut it and put it on the routine cutting schedule. A citizen has been cutting a path to allow walking.
  • 4536 Lauderdale Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Trees are so overgrown the signs cannot be seen from vehicles.
  • Ocean Shore Ave Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Since beginning of July there has been a camper van parked on Ocean Shore Ave between Spinnaker & Ketch Ct. & it appears there is a man & 2 young children living in the van, (possibly more). Sometimes there are clothes hanging on the mirrors.