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  • 3204-3298 Naamans Creek Rd Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Speed Limit in this area is 25mph while road is under construction. People are constantly speeding in this area. I have seen cars and trucks go by that are going at least 35 to 45mph. Trucks go by at that speed and the houses start shaking as they go over the road patches.
  • 13 Tansey Drive aston, pa - US Congressional District PA7
  • East Helms Manor Ogden, Pa - US Congressional District PA7
    Please stop the train whistles that do not adhere to the noise ordinance codes and decibles codes of Upper Chichester after 10p and before 6am. Either the trains travel during the hours of 6am-10pm and blow their whistles or they travel at night at a substantial speed limit as to NOT have to blow those loud annoying whistles. I work very hard and deserve a good night sleep!
  • 1301-1403 Cherry St Township of Upper Chichester, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    It is very dangerous to try to pull a right turn on to Chichester Ave, while on Cherry St,. The Owner of the property at that corner almost never has that area clear. It makes it very dangerous to make a right turn on to Chichester Ave. You have to almost pull your car out on to Chichester Ave, just to see if it's safe to make your turn.
  • 498 East Bethel Avenue Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Kerosene from this station has disabled two heaters that I use to work in my garage - I would appreciate the owners paying for new wicks for these heaters.
  • Larkin Rd Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Trying to get out of Whitney Ave off Larkin Rd a person is taking their life in their hands. I know personally of at least 3 accidents there because people coming from Chichester Ave think this is a race track and don't slow down even if they see a car coming out of the development Same for the opposite direction ( bethel ave ) The view of Larkin facing Chichester Ave , because of the hill , is a safety issue. You can't see cars coming until they are on your tail. Something should be done..
  • 600 Bethel Ave Upper Chichester, PA 19014, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    This problem has been reported to The Upper Chi Police Department in a formal letter I sent last year. Of course it was ignored. All hours of the day and night people are blowing the stop signs on both sides of the street and there have been a few accidents. When a car goes into a home or someone is killed the Upper Chichester Police are going to be held personally responsible for not solving the problem.
  • 1101-1199 Flora Ln upper chichester PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Car are getting off rt. 322 (furey road or sommers lane)
    and onto chichester ave. and turning onto flora lane and back onto rt.322 to beat the traffic thats always backed up from rt. 322 traffic light (322 and bethel rd.) appx. 2 miles west.
  • 2400-2498 Blueball Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Blueball dead ends in a sharp v at Chi Ave, about 50 yards from the intersection of Meetinghouse Rd and Chichester Ave. cars and trucks leaving Blueball to make the left on Chi present a serious hazard. The corner is usually blind to the right because of vehicles in a commercial parking lot. It is also dangerous because vehicles turn from south Meetinghouse left onto Chi and are often surprised by vehicles inching out from Blueball to block traffic. This section of Blueball should be designated one way - in only to prevent any further problems.
  • 1 Roberts Cir Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Stop sign at this intersection is ignored. Drivers run it daily. Speed limit is 15 but most ignore it. Lots of kids in area.
  • 4030 Bethel Rd - Boothwyn
    Excessive speeding when drivers get to top of the hill and reach level stretch of road here. Many children crossing and number of school bus stops make this especially dangerous. Attn: Rep Barrar