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  • we drive up this road at 25 we see people passing us flipping the bird flashing lights hoking horns and tail gating just because we go the speed limit
  • 4030 Bethel Rd - Boothwyn
    Excessive speeding when drivers get to top of the hill and reach level stretch of road here. Many children crossing and number of school bus stops make this especially dangerous. Attn: Rep Barrar
  • 2635 Chichester Ave Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - Boothwyn
    At 1:57pm today , a car.made a left out of the already traffic bound.produce junction near meetinghouse. Three signs say not to make this left but people do it every day.
  • 3212-3222 Meetinghouse Rd Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    As you driving down Meetinghouse Rd from De. right past Meetinghouse Apt. at the first house on the right past the apartments there is a large what seems to be sink hole about 3-4 FEET diameter, extremely dangerous
  • 1643 Garnet Mine Rd. Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    hundreds of speeding drivers cut down our street to cut through and get around traffic on 322. speed limit is 35 but everyone goes 45-55 mph and over a hill where they cannot see and could not stop if there was an emergency or children crossing the road.
  • 4564-4766 Chichester Ave Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    This light has been the worst timed light in the area since I was a child. It backs up for miles through here everyday, and alows anyone out immediately from ChiChester Ave., or the Walmart. This mistimed light makes the 322 corridor unuseable at certain times due to traffic.

    Please fix.

  • Rolling Glen Drive Boothwyn PA - Boothwyn
    There are so many stray cats on the property and they are urinating and defacating all over our property. Someone in the complex is feeding them every night so now they won't go away.
  • Upland Drive Between Fox Mill & Bethel Road. - Boothwyn
    Upland Drive has become a racetrack for the residents cutting through to Trophy Drive. The speed limit is 15 but the average speed is well over 35-40 MPH. Also why even have a stop sign at Upland & Fox Mill?? Whats the use? No one stops anyway, especially the school buses. Been here many years and never seen it this bad!
  • Stop sign Archived
    1501-1799 Okiola Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Why have a stop sign, nobody stops. We can pay the police force with tickets.
  • 2600-2632 Johnson Rd Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    People are always blowing through this stop sign on Johnson St. There are kids walking to school through here.
  • Kids and Cars Archived
    61-199 Louis James Ct Aston, PA 19014, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Can the parents please teach their children some respect? Cars and houses should not be used as back stops when playing ball. Pellet guns should not be shot at the signs in the neighborhood. You may also want to teach your children to not run out from in between parked cars. Although all of these activities take place while their parents are watching. I came to a complete stop to allow one of these kids that couldn't have been more than 5 years old to run out from between the cars as his father just watched me and looked at me like I was doing something wrong. It's time to start being a parent!
  • 2400-2498 Naamans Creek Rd Upper Chichester, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Not only do the people that live here work on cars at all hours of the night, they have loud drunken parties as well. It spills out into the street up to 3am. It is like living next door to a illegal garage and party house. When asked to keep it down they curse at you and tell you to mind your own business...Ive driven past and heard this going on several times. I don't know how their neighors deal with it! Maybe the police should check out the out of state tags on the vehicles, or expired stickers on some of the cars.