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  • Larkins Corner Shopping Center Conchester Highway, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    I had the honor of having to go to Walmart in Chichester around 9 p.m. one day last week and all the "street" lights in the parking lot were out. Not ONE was on. I happened to ride past last night again and they are STILL OUT. While the area wasn't always bad, we all know that that shopping center is a target for crime now and it would be nice if whomever is responsible, be it Walmart (the lights at the Pathmark end were on) or Lakestar Properties, saw to it the lot lights were functioning. One doesn't quite realize how dark it is out there until there is no light and I for one didn't feel quite safe there without it. I'm a Target/Safeway shopper anyway, the emergency run to Walmart was simply out of convenience, I won't be going back there as long as the lights are out. Someone is going to get hurt or jumped. WalMart and/or Lakestar Properties needs to fix the problem. I mean, that shopping center is already awful and full of nothing but riffraff, but they still have a duty to make it safe for anyone who needs to got there.
  • Conchester Highway - US Congressional District PA7
    People do not obey Right Turn on Red which means if nothing is coming they can turn right on a red light. Instead they believe it means weave on red. There are cars coming and they just turn, some of them don't even stop. This is not just at this site but this is where driving 322 really bugs me!!!
  • 27 Johnson Avenue - US Congressional District PA7
    The concret is broken into large pieces and is in the roadway on Johnson Ave. People drive too fast down Woods and Johnson Ave since the road bump was removed several winters ago.
  • Larkin Road And Chichester Ave Boothwyn Pa 19061 - Boothwyn
    Traffic light is timed wrong and will not change. Even during the night its slow.
  • Mill Rd. Boothwyn PA - Boothwyn

    This has been posted in the past. I'm convinced that the issues is one that the township of Upper Chichester refuses to address.

    PLEASE patrol the street before someone is injured by the speeding.

  • 999 Pleasant Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Coming off of I-95 south at the Chi exit ( Pleasant ave.) the right turn lane onto Chi is now a Rt turn and cross over to get on I-95 south. This backs up traffic, sometimes back onto I-95. The right lane should be for turning right onto Chi and the left lane should be for turning left onto Chi and cross over to I-95 ( just as it was before the recent pattern change ). The left lane is rarely used because most travelers to Marcus Hook and Lower Chi take the prior 452 exit off of 95 South.
  • 300 Monticello Ave Aston, PA 19014, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    I witnessed a second unsafe driving act by a Daily Times truck driver in the last 6 days inn this area. Both happened around 4am. The most recent was a driver blowing a stop sign @ 40-45 mph as I was apporaching. last weeks was a quick turn around in a closed gas station onto 452 without stopping to look; not quite as close as today, but dangerous just the same
  • 1859-1867 Larkin Road Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    large pot holes, too numerous to avoid....please fill ASAP!!
  • 2906 Naamans Creek Road Ogden, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    The uneven railroad crossing that intersects Naamans Creek road is so uneven that you can easily get two wheels off the ground even going the speed limit. For all the road work that was going on in the area I assumed this would have been fixed.
  • Fix Pot Hole Archived
    4480 Bethel Road Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    Fill pot hole located just in front of 4480 Bethel Rd residence mailbox.
  • Poor plowing Archived
    2400-2498 2nd Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    What a lousy job plowing our steet, truck came down once allday with no salt!! Looks like Philly.
  • 501-699 Taylor Ave Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7