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  • Rts 23 And 113 Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    The straight or right turn lane at the intersection of Nutt Rd and Kimberton Rd, should be a right turn only lane. Aggressive drivers use it to pass the line of cars who are in the straight only lane on Nutt. This is especially bad during the morning rush. This is not only dangerous once they have to merge back in after crossing the intersection, but it is unfair to people who are wanting to use it for a right turn. It is also dangerous for those on Kimberton road, who are merging right onto Nutt. It's a bad design.
  • 788-798 Starr St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    Getty station no longer sells gas. Pumps are boarded up with plywood. Junk looking cars are parked all over the property and on the sidewalks.
  • 205-299 Fillmore Street Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Cars parked on the street require eastbound traffic to cross into westbound traffic. The street is not wide enough and should be considered for a no parking zone.
  • Starr Street - Phoenixville
  • Gay St Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Surprise! More glass bottle shards strewn across the east side sidewalk.
  • Fillmore St. Just Past Cemetery - Phoenixville
    This is the most ridiculous posting I have come across. A 20 yard long 3 ton limit on this road for no apparent reason. Heck my F250 SuperDuty is just over 6000 lbs and I cannot use this road legally. Why is it here? Why do I see tractor trailers and other large trucks down there when It IS posted 3 ton.
  • 802-898 Cherry St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    there are alot of small potholes, driving on the street every day, it is like driving on cobblestones.
  • 486 Onward Ave Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    Too many people speed in the French Creek Townhome neighborhood. There are a great deal of children at play, pets. Speed bumps would solve that problem.
  • 205 Bridge St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    The parking authority is hurting the community of Phoenixville and the business that is driving it's recovery. It's time to disband the parking authority and vote out anyone who approved or was involved in it. Over regulation ALWAYS hurts a community. There has never been an exception.
  • Althouse Lane Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 500-598 Vanderslice St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    Lately there seems to be an increase of cars parked on the 500 block of Vanderslice Street that belong to residents and/or visitors of the French Creek Townhomes. We, the home owners of Vanderslice Street are not "lucky" enough to have a garage and private parking spot, nor do we have an "overflow" lot. There are handicapped, elderly and terminally ill people on this block as well as families with young children. It is not right to take the parking away from those who live here when you have 2 spots at your residence. We had to suffer the loss of our private block when the homes were decided to be built, we had to endure the dirt and noise while they were being constructed, we now have to put our lives and our children's lives in your hands while you speed down our street and the final straw is the loss of our parking. This is a plea to all who find it more "convenient" to take our few spots, Please Stop.
    Thank You,
    Caren Kolter
  • S Main St Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Trying to make a left turn onto S Main from westbound Nutt Rd (Rt 23) during the morning rush is difficult and dangerous since you have to cut off heavy and continuous opposing traffic. This intersection needs a left turn light or at least a delayed green for the eastbound Rt 23 traffic.