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  • S Main St Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Trying to make a left turn onto S Main from westbound Nutt Rd (Rt 23) during the morning rush is difficult and dangerous since you have to cut off heavy and continuous opposing traffic. This intersection needs a left turn light or at least a delayed green for the eastbound Rt 23 traffic.
  • 100-256 Montgomery Ave Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    speeding from pennsylvania to montgomery/going to fast at the intersection of montgomery and paradise,they are using montgomery like a quarter mile track. There is tire marks to prove it.There is a lot of younger children in this area something needs to be done before someone gets hirt.
  • State Road Rte 29 Phoenixville , PA 19460 - Phoenixville
    Road all broken up. Cars going in other lanes to miss pot holes. Water draining across turns causing accidents every morning!
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 32-49 Pennsylvania Ave Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    I see those new Watch Children signs in many spots - great! But traffic roars up and down Pennsylvania Ave. - even running the stop sign. It's an open stretch with few houses, so most people think it's OK to let 'er rip. I'd really like one of those speed limit read-outs, or better yet, a police officer to regularly monitor traffic there. We're right down the street from the West End firehouse. Please help!
  • 100-112 Nutt Rd Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    During the day (Mon-Fri) this light will only allow 2-3 vehicles (MAXIMUM) going East/West on Nutt Rd (RT-23). Only a few more than that get by going North/South on Main St (RT-29)/Manavon St. It creates blocks long congestion, which in turn means people can not enter/exit some of the business either. People wind up running the light. I can't believe this has not been previously reported.
  • 1-237 Taylor Alley Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
  • 500 Block Of Vanderslice Street (Along French Creek Townhomes) Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - Phoenixville
    For the 2nd time in about a week I had to take my children 11,9,5,4 and 2 years old) inside because of pesticide spraying at French Creek along the 500 block of Vanderslice Street. The first time I contacted the landscaping company and requested they put signs up along the strip where they spray 20 feet from my doorstep so I know not to be there or not to step I the grass as I exit my car. Needless to say, as I was playing out front with the kids yesterday, a man in a mask driving a little sprayer comes along squirting some rancid smelling toxin. Almost immediately my throat started to hurt and one of the kids voice became hoarse. And no warning. I'm told signs are posted in their community but I don't go in their community. Please post signs along Vanderslice street so we have warning. So we know not to be out. So we know not to step in the grass. Some people in this community do not appreciate being poisoned. A little warning would be common courtesy. Please.
  • Eland Downe Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    I have seen it several times & I am sick of it! ---Cars speeding though the development while children are playing. I have seen several near misses. It is only a matter of time until child is hit by a car.
    We need more speed humps & signs. maybe a patrol car now and again to give speeding tickets.WE need this fixed NOW!!!!
  • 100 Block Of Chester Ave - Phoenixville
    all of us who are in the new constuction on the 100 block of chester ave are having an issue with the fact that no one drives down the block at 25 miles an hour. There are kids who live and play here and people who walk their dogs down the street. Anyone driving on this block is flying at what seems to be 40 miles an hour. Especially the Warner buses, they come through in the morning and at night and fly by the front of my house like it's a highway. The buses need to be rerouted to go up Callowhill and maybe a stop sign at Chester and Madison would slow people down.
  • 101-257 Montgomery Ave Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    The house on the corner has a white fence and lots of shrubbery that blocks your view when making a left hand turn to go over railroad tracks. Its narrow enough and then u can barely see whats coming. Something needs to be done. I almost got hit so many times trying to turn the corner.
  • Gay St And Nutt Rd phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    Crossing guards stop all Gay St traffic on a green light to allow kids to cross the street. I'm not saying crossing guards shouldn't exist but there is no reason to stop Gay St traffic on a green when the kids are crossing according to law with the green light. Only 1-2 cars can get through a light. Phoenixville traffic is bad enough in the morning without this added hold up.
  • 153-199 Manavon Street Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - Phoenixville
    The two very deep potholes at the intersection of 29 & star street have re-opened.