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  • 876 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Severna Park Maryland - Severna Park

    There is a leak in the roadway. It was "repaired" during the summer. Then there was a giant pothole that was repaired. But the leak continues.

    It's probably 100's if not 1000's of gallons/day

    Concern is twofold. What is happening below (think sinkhole)? What will happen this winter when the road starts to freeze (it will be a giant sheet of ice)?

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    110 Mckinsey Rd Severna Park - Severna Park
    Two beagles have been left out in this intensely cold temps and winds WITHOUT adequate shelter. Always kept out! Assume their water is frozen solid. Never a tarp or anything to protect them against wind. Please send AC or police out to investigate immediately! 110 Mckinsey Rd, Severna Park
  • 110 Mckinsey Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Dogs outside in cage single-digit temperatures. No protection.
  • 203 Evergreen Rd Severna Park, MD, 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Our neighbor took down our fence on my property. What would be the next steps to file a complaint? Would we have to take her to civil court? She took it down the day after we signed on our house
  • 110 Mckinsey Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Many vehicles, a camper and other debris on lawn. Two dogs in cage in backyard that don't get shelter from the cold temperatures.
  • 110 Mckinsey Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Animal Abuse report. 2 dogs being kept OUTside 24/7 in a wire/plywood crate. Water dish hasn't been seen, but safe to assume water frozen IF it is even being supplied. Owners rude to those offering to assist them or to take the dogs away and into a safe environment. Please help those poor dogs....thank you!
  • 58 Snellings Ct Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Overgrown Trees: Several of the county owned trees on our street (Snellings Court, Severna Park) are overgrown and are in need of trimming. It should be noted that several are beginning to encroach the roadway (hanging low, Etc) Thank you for your anticipated attention to this matter, the neighborhood greatly appreciates it.
  • 201 Evergreen Road Severna Park, MD - Severna Park
    Building fence on public property. Housing being built too close to lot lines. Rental Apartment with un-permitted kitchen. Grading of back yard causing potential drainage problems
  • 528-530 Benfield Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Strong odor of sewage
  • Junk Archived
    110 Mckinsey Road Severna Park Md - Severna Park
    Beagles left in cold and cages without warmth proper care. Snow tonight and tomorrow.
  • Pothole Archived
    605 Thomas Way Severna Park, MD, 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Thomas Way is a county street. There are two potholes in the street in front of my house at 605: a large one 30" x 20" shown in the photo, and a smaller one in front of my mailbox. Please patch both holes. Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    310 Governor Stone Parkway Millersville MD 21108, Millersville/Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Severna Park
    There are numerous potholes on both traveling lanes to and from the school. There is an extremely large pothole in the middle of the travel lanes leaving the school that covers much of the road with additional potholes surrounding. These were "fixed" within the last couple months but the patches did not work and they have been a nuisance since the last snow storm in March. A larger re-pavement of the entire entrance/exit of the school is probably due over the summer but a better patch job is needed ASAP. It's dangerous when vehicles have to swerve to avoid the potholes during heavy traffic times of the day.