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  • 403 Evergreen Road Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Motorists are using a lane that is not a traffic lane to go around other vehicles stopped for pedestrians at a cross-walk. In the last month alone I have witnessed 2 bicyclists and at least 4 pedestrians get run over at this intersection as a result. This includes children using the intersection. In the attached file you can see a photo of the intersection of Evergreen Rd and Cedar Road. Imagine the red square is a vehicle stopped for the pedestrian in the crosswalk (signified by the blue dot). Motorist behind the stopped vehicle move to the right lane to go around the stopped vehicle. As a result of the stopped vehicle, they often cannot see the pedestrian/bicyclist crossing. This lane IS NOT A TRAVEL LANE but is being used as such to the great peril of those in the crosswalk. I know this situation has been discussed with the County previously but no action has been taken. Will it take the death of an innocent pedestrian to encourage action to be taken? As mentioned, my experiences in the last few weeks alone suggest that outcome is quite possible. I encourage the County to look at this matter more closely before a tragedy occurs. It would seem that the knowledge of this danger would make the County liable should such an accident occur due to the County's negligence in addressing it. We fear for the safety of our children and our neighbors.
  • East West Boulevard Millersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    Some much there is so much illegal dumping of boxes and garbage all over the transit truck . Under trailers on side street.
  • 1384 Oak Road Severna Park, MD 21146, United States of America - Severna Park
    Commercial vehicles blocking safe passage on a narrow street. Vehicles have been there for months. Street has a No Parking sign.
  • 401 Grist Mill Crossing Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Street sign on corner of Weybridge Circle & Weybridge Court is leaning. Needs to be straightened. Apparently hit by a vehicle.
  • 116 Southway Severna Park, Maryland, 21146 - Severna Park
    Plastic sleeve in wheel is broken so the wheel keeps falling off
  • 8209 0od Jumpers Hole Road millersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    Am i on a metered or un-metered billing?
  • 114 Spot Club Road Arnold, Maryland - Severna Park

    Large trees cutdown in back yard of this property. May be legitimate (e.g. dead/dying) but they did the same thing last year too.

    Did they obtain approval or a permit to do this if required?

  • Traffic Signs Archived
    780-804 Old County Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Location: west side of Old County Road, 20 yards north of Hoyle Lane. Street sign saying "Jones Elementary School" is leaning over 45 degrees. Needs to be reset in vertical position. Thank you.
  • 683 Shore Rd Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    request a 65 gallon trash container to replace the 32 gallon one that does not satisfy our needs.As you face the home, we are located on right drive way.
  • 151 Arundel Beach Rd Severna Park, MD, 21146, USA - Severna Park

    No idea how Lusby managed to avoid retention ponds for these two properties. The sump pumps are running around the clock during a drought! The berm has not been taken down either.

    Sure wish I knew the same people he does! These properties have been ecological nightmare and he has acted like rules are for the poor folk, not him. He lied about the set backs and deforested on a holiday weekend when inspectors weren't working and has thumbed his nose at everybody. He didn't even put up silt fences this close to the creek until fined among many other obvious offences . The man works for Koch- ignorance doesn't apply. I am thoroughly disgusted with my government. They have done NOTHING to protect the neighbors, the environment or to enforce the law. Your ignorance is no excuse as I have reported over and over and nothing is done.

  • Pothole Archived
    526 Lakeland Road South Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Please repair the many pot holes between the mailboxes at 505 Lakeland Road South to 526 Lakeland Road South in the Lakeland Subdivision off Benfield Rd. Thanks,
  • 455 Bendale Drive Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Severndale Water Treatment Plant (125 Southway) is making excessive noise around the clock for approximately one month. Loud buzzing noise in excess of 65dB can be heard from my property (455 Bendale) that lasts for 10 seconds and cycles every 2 minutes. This violates Anne Arundel County noise ordinance. Family is not able to sleep at night, windows and doors cannot be left open and we cannot comfortably be outside anymore due to noise,