Virginia Reeves

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  • Bank Of America 601 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, Severna Park, MD 21146, United States of America - Severna Park
    Overflowing trash can by bus stop
  • 107 Saint Andrews Road Severna Park, MD - Severna Park
  • 8421 Woodland Rd Millersville, MD 21108, USA - Severna Park
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 8601 Veterans Hwy Millersville, MD 21108, USA - Severna Park
    Signal timing on veterans heading north is out of normal timing. Approximately 10 vehicles released each activation.
  • 571 Knollwood Rd Sever, Maryland - Severna Park
    I left a bag of soiled cat litter next to my trash can and it was left out, despite the fact they emptied my trash can. I found no regulations stating I cannot dispose of this in this manner. I will leave it out on the curb until it is picked up.
  • Pothole Archived
    114 Mckinsey Road Severna Park, MD 21146, United States of America - Severna Park
  • 298 East West Boulevard Severna Park, MD 21122, United States of America - Severna Park
    Please remove the graffiti on the foot bridge that goes over East West Blvd just west of Light Street Ave. Thank you.
  • Lakeland Road North & Bishops Terrace Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    The street sign at the corner of Lakeland Rd North and Bishops Terrace has fallen over, appears to have rusted/rotted at the bottom.
  • Comcast wire Acknowledged
    766 N Mesa Rd Millersville, MD - Severna Park
    Comcast has had a wire across my driveway since approx.last June (May?). Workers have reported it 4 times, I have spoken to someone ~3 times. Each time we noted our special circumstances. I have a disabled adult son who uses a power wheelchair that has a bolt under it used to access an easy-lock van system. This bolt catches on rugs etc. It is 1/2 inch off the ground. My son must use this driveway and go across the wire every time he wants to visit a neighbor. I will be 80 Sunday. If my son tangles in the wire I will have to call 911. I have mentioned my concern every time I talked to Comcast
  • 8601 Veterans Hwy Millersville, MD 21108, USA - Severna Park
    Left turn signal doesn't ever turn green. Left onto Benfield turning West.
  • 8346 Brookwood Road Millersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    every road in Elvaton acres has been paved except for Brookwood. There are potholes and areas where the road drops off on the side. There is sand, dirt and gravel in the road making for an unsafe surface. When will Brookwood Road be paved?
  • Other Concerns Acknowledged
    Corner Of Dogwood And Woodland Millersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    There is a new housing sign on the corner of Woodland and Dogwood that is blocking the view. It is very difficult to see oncoming cars.