Virginia Reeves

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concerned citizen

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  • 303 Canterbury Way Severna Park, MD - Severna Park
    Recent work to the B&A trail directly behind our house, we found that water is pooling in the corner of our backyard behind our shed. I think with the new grading of the trail water now collects more than ever and I have been having to pump it out so it doesn't get close to our shed. Can we have someone come out and take a look? I attached a picture so you have an idea. Thanks!
  • 41 Dorba Court Severna Park, MD 21146, United States of America - Severna Park
    House has been abandoned and leaves and sticks are all over front yard, and blow into street, sidewalks, and neighbors yards and driveways. Backyard is overgrown too.
  • Illegal Signs Acknowledged
    79 Earleigh Heights Rd W Severna Park 21146, United States - Severna Park
    A HUGE Trinity Bible Church road sign has been placed on West Earleigh Heights Road today right in front of my house. It is atrocious and unacceptable and need to be removed. (Or moved to the corner under the Truck House Road sign in a smaller scale form.) Why does a church need a road sign anyway? Ridiculous. These are people’s homes and yards and not a highway for free publicity. Just garbage.
  • 108 Saint Ives Dr Severna Park, MD, 21146, USA - Severna Park
  • 730 Oak Grove Cir Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Lot was cleared and left with no trees or bushes. Site is waterfront and in the critical area.
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    599 Benfield Rd Severna Park 21146, United States - Severna Park

    There is a double-lane one-way exit out of the Safeway grocery store onto Benfield Rd. (near Severn Bank) Many incidents of cars heading north on Benfield Rd making improper right turn into this “exit only” drive. There is going to be a collision one day. The two “Do Not Enter” warning signs facing Benfield Rd. have been completely washed out by the sun. Recommend these two signs be replaced. it might help prevent an accident. Thanks. Gordon Hankey

    PS-the other entrance to Safeway off Benfield Rd (entrance just south of exit described above) is a one-way “in” entrance with Do Not Enter” signs facing the Safeway building.)I have also seen cars improperly try to use this exit to leave the Safeway parking lot; potentially setting up a collision. Would request these two signs also be checked by the AACO crew.

  • 201 Evergreen Rd Severna Park, MD, 21146, USA - Severna Park

    We are concerned with two fence sections shown in blue on the image of the building permit.

    The fence was permitted to measure 75 feet along the side farthest from Evergreen. It, in fact, measures more than 85 feet from the back corner county property marker to Avondale Circle. The extra 10 feet extends the fence onto the Avondale Circle county property right of way. This means that all of the section that is parallel to Avondale is built on county right of way.

    Secondly, the adjacent neighbor on Avondale Circle cannot see properly when turning out of his driveway onto Avondale Circle because the fence is too close to the street. It is a safety hazard.

    Last, the fence has become a drainage barrier. When it rains the street has standing water that does not dissipate due to the construction of the cinder block fence base which is in effect a drainage dam. The fence keeps the water from flowing naturally off the street. It is especially saddening and concerning because we worked with the county about 3 years ago to have the poor drainage situation, in exactly that location, fixed. Now, because of the cinder block wall, the same problem has returned. It seems that all the work to fix the problem was a waste of county resources and taxpayer dollars.

  • 300 Jumpers Hole Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    In the right turn lane, on North Jumpers Hole Road, at the light for Earleigh Hgts. Connector, there are 2 areas that look like the beginning of large circular depressions in the road.
  • List Dog Archived
    511 White Oak Drive Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
  • 423 Martin Drive Millersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    I have knowledge that the people who live at this address have some type of waster water / sewer drainage problem. That is draining onto other properties in the neighborhood.
  • 105 Clarence Ave Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Previously requested, not received.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    391 Scarlet Oak Rd Millersville 21108, United States - Severna Park
    Two large dead trees need to be cut down. Close to house and close to street/sidewalk. Other numerous dead trees in woods that need to be looked at