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  • 96 Kinder Way Milersville, Maryland - Severna Park
    Lawn and yard waste has been sitting out for a week
  • 5 Saint Ives Drive Severn Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    This has happened twice in the last couple months
  • 764 Benfield Blvd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Grass needs mowed on side of road.
  • 1 Kinder Road Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Large pile of tree branches were left next to Kinderr road across from Kinder Farm park.
  • 31 Robinson Landing Road severna park, Maryland - Severna Park
    New construction at 29 robinson landing road has created large volumes of water coming into my property (31 Robinson Landing Rd)
    . It takes only a few minutes of rain to flood my side and backyard.. I discussed this with the builder, he was non cooperative and said it was not his fault.
    I have lived here since 1993 and never received stormwater like this. Even when he leaves the automatic sprinkler system on , it floods my yard within 15 minutes.. I have walked my affected property with the builder (Jefton Homes) (Newt Sappington)..and showed him the damage being done.
    Before the construction, there were multiple large trees in the area. Now there are none. He has downspout drywells in the front yard (which overflow quickly), and none in the backyard.
    I have missed work due to rain storms, having to run pumps and deploy sandbags.
    The rain also brings a large volume of sand and dirt...raising my natural grade.
    . The house is currently pending sale.
  • 786 Oak Grove Cr. Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    Cleared an area up to neighbors property line and next shed to create additional driveway.
  • 823 Cottonwood Dr Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
  • 704 Old Benfield Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Bags of yard waste dumped here at the top of Old Benfield
  • 761 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Severna Park, MD 21146, United States of America - Severna Park
    Metal guardrail on south/west side of B&A Blvd. is totally covered with invasive ivy/plants. Entire are needs to be cut back to make guard rail and shoulder of road viable for cars and pedestrians. Thank you.
  • 102 Severn River Rd Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Vines growing on wires and cable
  • 755 Trenton Ave. Severna Park, Maryland - Severna Park
    I just moved into the address provided and they only had a 32 gallon bin at the residence. I'd like the 65 Gallon Wheeled Cart.
  • 600 Md-2 Severna Park, MD 21146, USA - Severna Park
    Has the light sequence been changed? The left turn from the Rt 2 direction is out of sink