New Hartford Highway Department

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  • Intersection Of Ct Routes 219 & 44 New hartford, Connecticut - New Hartford Center
    When approaching rt 44 on 219 from the north, my motorcycle will not trip the sector to get a green light. Attempted 16 times in last month. Compels driver to run red light with poor sight lines. Loop defective or sensitivity maladjusted. Needs correction.
  • 268 Cedar Lane New Hartford, CT. 06057 USA - New Hartford
    The stop signs on Cedar Lane at Niles Road and at Winchester Street are unnecessary. I think they were placed there to slow traffic but traffic just speeds up again. What they do cause is increased fuel consumption and a lessening of importance of stop ns where they do belong.
  • 533-677 Steele Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    Lower Steele Road is in deplorable condition.
  • 881-913 Town Hill Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    two large frost heaves about 20' apart, accross the whole road.
  • Cedar Ln New Hartford, CT - New Hartford
    Why are commercial trucks being allowed on this quite country residential road? How about making it a "NO THROUGH TRUCKS" road?
  • 625-641 Litchfield Turnpike New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    Cars go flying down this section of Litchfield Tpke, making it extremely hazardous to exit driveways in the area.
  • 2-64 Henderson Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford Center
    late 30,s to early 40,s white skinny male ,short grey balding on top wearing jeans and blueish gray polo shirt , walking on steele and henderson rd tuesday around 11:00 am was caught entering a rear property , male took off down driveway,anyone with info please contact police
  • Rt 202 And Rt 291 New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    police need to ticket vehicles passing on the right at rt 202 and rt 219,they think its 2 lanes, but its not. (its a brake down lane). when your making a left hand turn onto rt219 and a car or truck passes on the right in the brake down lane at 70mph, its scary. please fix before I or someone gets killed .
  • 333 Main Street New Hartford, Connecticut - New Hartford Center
    There is a giant dead elm tree right off 44 that needs to come down.