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  • 600 5th Street Oakland California - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    This is a modern day Hooverville. This should not be happening on the fringes of one of the richest cities in America. It is an outrage. If the structures of our culture have failed so many people that there's a shanty town on the sidewalk then the city needs to acknowledge the problem and create a space for them to camp that includes services like trash removal and toilets rather than just allowing these sidewalk camps to spread. It's reached the point where pedestrian access is completely blocked and piles of garbage are blocking a whole lane of traffic. These people aren't just the few that fall through the cracks they are an entire community. They are people who have been evicted and lost work and have nowhere to go. This is not normal! I understand that this situation is complicated and hard for the city to deal with but it should not just be ignored. We have been so patient with this but it keeps getting worse and as months pass it's having a very negative effect on our community. We don't want the cops to come in and break it up, it just forms again a day later on the other side of the street. We want these people to be given a place to be, some dignity and basic services.
  • 2-38 Hermosa Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge
    We, the parents and staff at Hillcrest, fear another accident (or worse), as drivers on Broadway Terrace rush during the morning commute hours, just as our children are walking to school. Many children cross at Broadway Terrace and Hermosa, and there have been several near misses just this school year alone. The crosswalks there are faded to the point of barely being visible, and because this street is so heavily trafficked, we would love to see additional signage and flashing crosswalk lights. New striping was recently added on the lower side of Broadway Terrace, near the Claremont Country Club, but nothing has been done on the upper side, which is extremely faded and closer to the school. Additionally, striping on Hermosa itself would lend to improved pedestrian safety, as there are no sidewalks on the portion of the road behind the school, and the road is only wide enough for 1.5 cars to pass. Your consideration in this important safety matter is greatly appreciated.
  • Frontage Rd Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    A dismantled homeless encampments. The neighbors cleaned it up. Tons of crap. Wood, furniture, cloths, trash
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    435 51st Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    This massive pothole is in the eastbound lane of 51st Street at/near 435 51st St. It is a major hazard and is extremely dangerous, since cars often swerve to miss it at the last minute. It also is causing damage to cars that do not swerve and instead hit the pothole. Please fill this pothole immediately!
  • 3529 Peralta Street Oakland, California - Clawson
    the homeless encampment under the freeway has grown 3x it's size in the last month. the tents/pallets/bikes/trash are overflowing into the street. sidewalks are blocked for both pedistrians and are not accessible for the disabled. open air drug dealing and prostitution. mattresses. despite porta-potties, human feces and urine fill the area. horrendous smell. needles strewn. starting to block traffic.
  • 3532 Peralta St Oakland, CA 94608, Oakland, California - Clawson
    Homeless encampment has reached an all time high population. Garage piles are extending into the street, and up to a block away. Urine and feces (the smell) is a public health problem.
  • 552-620 42nd St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    an hour ago a neatly dressed young white couple driving this Mercedes coupe with vanity plates was witnessed leaning a mattress against the wall, drop a bag and drive off. LIC: L8R HOZN
  • 210-214 Florence Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge

    PLEASE make this a 3-way stop intersection.

    - Stop sign from Hermosa Ave traffic approaching Florence.
    - Florence Ave striping from one direction makes it look like the left turn from Florence on to Hermosa has right of way, causing many drivers to cut in front of on-coming traffic on Florence.
    - 3 schools within 0.1 miles of this intersection means heavy foot child pedestrian traffic in mornings and afternoon
    - Child struck in crosswalk at this intersection 2 years ago and many recent misses due to driver confusion, blinding morning sun, and faded striping

    Making this a 3-way stop will increase safety for children and adult pedestrians as well as vehicles using this intersection.

    Thank you!


  • 1812 14th Street Oakland California - Prescott Oakland Point

    Abandoned vehicle. It is a totaled car that has been parked there for over a month.

    Please see attached photo. The car is wrecked, and I am not sure if it is even able to drive anywhere. Please tow it away, because it is taking space away from residents.

    This parking is not a junkyard; it should be for residents. With such little parking as is, having totaled cars on the limited spaces is very frustrating.

  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    475-499 Hudson Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    Someone has put up a structure and is living under the freeway across from FROG Park where children are always playing. I've seen needles, bags and open signs of drug use. He has filled almost the entire block on Claremont under the freeway adjacent to him with carts full of belongings/garbage.
  • 5534-5540 Thornhill Drive Oakland, California - Merriwood

    This is a very deep and new pothole (I am familiar with many other Thornhill "favorites"). I hit it with my drivers side front tire and it blew out the sidewall (less than 8,000 miles on my tired and no previous damage). Almost $300 to replace the tire. Please don't let this happen to others.

    This pothole is in a critical location as anyone turning onto Thornhill from the freeway or from Moraga Blvd will encounter the pothole -- you can't swerve to the left because you risk going into oncoming traffic. There are frequently cars parked on the right. Pothole is located on the right side of the street as you are traveling N/NE.

  • 1645-1663 28th Street Oakland California - Clawson
    The charred remnants of a contiguous cluster of at least 3 encampment shacks/tents that caught fire and spectacularly burned to the ground (with flames shooting up 20 feet high, reaching the power line above) at 1 AM on Fri 1/19/2018 occupy a 50' x 18' swath of public sidewalk and parking lane on the south side of 28th Street, across from 91 homes. We are lucky that it rained last night - if this had occurred during the recent hot windy period, burning embers could have resulted in a West Oakland urban wildfire in parallel with the Napa/Sonoma fire. Who knows what potential toxic by-products remain here? The City must immediately protect public safety and clean up this health hazard. See attached 1/19/2018 photo.