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  • Colton Blvd Oakland, California - Montclair
    The intersection of Colton & Heartwood is a disaster waiting to happen. At this crossroad, only 1 direction has a stop sign. I have witnessed several near misses lately as traffic traveling up Heartwood makes a left onto Colton (there is no stop sign) and traffic going down Colton continues straight on to Colton (again no stop sign). This needs to be a 4 way stop. With the increased traffic due to the long standing closure of Snake Rd, this is a very dangerous intersection.
  • 3532 Peralta St Oakland, CA 94608, Oakland, California - Clawson
    Homeless encampment has reached an all time high population. Garage piles are extending into the street, and up to a block away. Urine and feces (the smell) is a public health problem.
  • 410 51st Street Oakland California - Shafter
    There is a large pile of debris on 51st Street between Shafter and Miles.
  • Mosswood Park Area Oakland, California - Mosswood

    Garbage is being thrown everywhere regularly. We pick it up the best we can but this area is in dire need of garbage cans. Here are the locations that we need for four permanent garbage cans:

    On the east side of Webster, one between 37th and MacArthur, and one between 36th and 37th.

    On the South side of MacArthur, one between Webster and Shafter, and one between Shafter and Manila.

  • 1812 14th Street Oakland California - Prescott Oakland Point

    Abandoned vehicle. It is a totaled car that has been parked there for over a month.

    Please see attached photo. The car is wrecked, and I am not sure if it is even able to drive anywhere. Please tow it away, because it is taking space away from residents.

    This parking is not a junkyard; it should be for residents. With such little parking as is, having totaled cars on the limited spaces is very frustrating.

  • 210-214 Florence Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge

    PLEASE make this a 3-way stop intersection.

    - Stop sign from Hermosa Ave traffic approaching Florence.
    - Florence Ave striping from one direction makes it look like the left turn from Florence on to Hermosa has right of way, causing many drivers to cut in front of on-coming traffic on Florence.
    - 3 schools within 0.1 miles of this intersection means heavy foot child pedestrian traffic in mornings and afternoon
    - Child struck in crosswalk at this intersection 2 years ago and many recent misses due to driver confusion, blinding morning sun, and faded striping

    Making this a 3-way stop will increase safety for children and adult pedestrians as well as vehicles using this intersection.

    Thank you!


  • 552-620 42nd St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    an hour ago a neatly dressed young white couple driving this Mercedes coupe with vanity plates was witnessed leaning a mattress against the wall, drop a bag and drive off. LIC: L8R HOZN
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    475-499 Hudson Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    Someone has put up a structure and is living under the freeway across from FROG Park where children are always playing. I've seen needles, bags and open signs of drug use. He has filled almost the entire block on Claremont under the freeway adjacent to him with carts full of belongings/garbage.
  • 626-648 59th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Bushrod
    This slide has been broken for at least 5 years. Unacceptable for a playground that gets this much use.
  • 301-649 42nd St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    42nd Street between Broadway and Martin Luther King is highly deteriorated with innumerable potholes several inches deep and several feet wide with loose gravel. This road has been this way for many years and is just getting worse. The pothole repairs are a temporary bandage that will no longer suffice. The entirety of this road badly needs to be repaved.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Claremont Avenue And Hudson Oakland, California - Shafter
    For over half a year now a garbage pile continues to grow and expand on Claremont Avenue under the Highway 24 overpass near Hudson Street. I understand that this started out as a shopping cart of homeless possessions, but now it is truly just one big garbage dump that spans over half a city block. This is directly across from Frog Park where neighborhood kids like to play. I don't understand why the city allows this to grow and refuses to do anything about it (I know of multiple neighbors that continue to call about this on a regular basis with no response). More recently, the garbage pile includes multiple full Waste Management garbage bins that were taken from Rockridge residents. As a neighborhood resident that pays a monthly fee for garbage pick up, this doesn't make sense. Maybe we should all stop paying Waste Management and just haul our garbage over to Claremont Avenue and add it to the pile....it would save us a lot of money and it appears that the city is okay with this. Why can't we do better Oakland? Please respond and clean up this health hazard.
  • 8000-8498 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Woodland

    Homeless encampments between 85th Avenue and 81st Avenue on San Leandro street . My children have been harassed and are now afraid to use the public sidewalks to get to the BART and back home to and from school. Please address the homeless issue in that area. It is unsafe and I don’t want either of my daughters harmed while using that thoroughfare.

    Yesterday a ball came flying in front of my car from that encampment for the second time. The people have no regard for safety. They hop the rail to jaywalk across that busy street as well. ... and their visitors stop in the middle of the roadway to engage in conversation with no regard for incoming traffic.

    A prompt response is appreciated.